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Creating Your Own Personal Style – John Bradford


John Bradford Photography

Creating Your Own Personal Style

by photographer John Bradford

Several years ago I participated in a seminar with one of the best landscape photographers in the world. The seminar with about 20 participants was conducted in the Mendocino area of northern California with challenging subject matter such as the redwoods and oceanscapes. One would have expected a group of seasoned photographers with a universal enthusiasm for creating award winning photographs. In reality our group was a cross section of relative new photographers and semi-professionals. So my question was how can one effectively teach to such a diverse group.
During the opening session this master photographer covered the basics of good landscape photography. These basics and very important principles applied to not just new or beginning photographers but to anyone who dares to “press the shutter button”.
Considering that great photographs are 70% photographer and 30% technology we often get hung up on the gadgetry and forget the composition, camera placement and light. It’s also very difficult to get a great photograph on the first visit. You must repeat your visits to get better photographs.Camera
When experiencing “photo block” which is very similar to writer’s block, continue to shoot and work through it. If practice shooting, practice the way you would as if you’re taking a serious photograph. When visiting your favorite location,use different lenses and for sure take the time to study the scene and select the best location.
Next time you visit the redwoods try a telephoto lens and carefully scan the forest for a intriguing view. Don’t shy away from the fog and be sure to use a tripod. If your camera has a manual mode, experiment by changing the exposure setting. You may be surprised by your creativeness.
To attain greater heights in your photography you need to personally consider color, the use of light and dark and the subject matter. You need to create your own personal style and not copy someone else’s.

-- John Bradford --

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