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Anna Pavlova, the Famous Russian Ballerina

Hula NewsletterAnna Pavlova, the Famous Russian Ballerina - an excerpt from Paradise Garden's Hui'Ohana November newsletter

Here is an interesting story about Anna Pavlova, the famous Russian ballerina.  What does this have to do with Hula, you ask?  Read on…..

“The more we persevere, the broader our horizons.”

Anna Pavlova was most recognized for her performance in “The Dying Swan”, and made an important contribution to the introduction of ballet in Japan.  She said:  “What is success?  I do not find it in the applause of the theatre, but in the realization of one’s idea.”  She wasn’t concerned about winning the applause of others.  She dedicated her life to her vocation as a ballerina, dispelling people’s suffering and sorrow, and imparting joy and inspiration, through the medium of dance.

Pavlova believed her professional success was due to the “strength to work hard and the zeal to put in thousands and thousands of hours striving for perfection.”  Her brilliant dancing was the result of incredible behind-the-scenes efforts and endless training and practice.  It was the fruit of single-minded dedication to her chosen path.

When Pavolva was 8 years old, she auditioned for a ballet school and was rejected.  At age 10, she was finally accepted, but the techniques did not come easily.  She had extremely arched feet, thin ankles, and long limbs.  She trained “relentlessly” to improve her technique and took extra lessons.  As a classical ballerina, her style was considered unusual and technically inferior.  Her teacher is quoted as saying “You should always dance to bring out your own rare qualities.”

Describing her routine, Pavlova said:  “There are rehearsals land rehearsals and still more rehearsals” and “I am haunted by the need to dance.  It is the same to me whether I am rehearsing in my own room at home, or on the empty darkened stage or facing an audience across the foot-lights.  To dance, that is my destiny, my happiness, my life; it is who I am.”  This was Pavolva’s conviction and the reason why she never lost heart or gave up.

The more you persevere, irrespective of the circumstances or obstacles you are facing, the bigger, stronger a person you become and the broader your horizons grow.  Just be true to yourself without holding back, and keep advancing along the path of your mission.  If we lose our desire to keep improving and simply remain content with what we have achieved so far, we close off the infinite possibilities in our lives.  To keep improving and moving forward—this is the purpose of life.  It is an unending challenge.


I hope you can see how this story applies to Hula dancing, or any other kind of dancing, or

for anything else in life that you want to accomplish.  NEVER GIVE UP!

Jan and Dave Baza

Jan and Dave Baza moved to Cottonwood from the Bay Area, and established their Hui (club) in 2002.  They have 22 years of dancing experience, and are committed to bringing joy and inspiration to their students through the graceful art of hula dancing.  530-347-9472  huladancers@c-zone.net

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