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Murder Me, Murder Me Not
written by Bill Springer
directed by Maria Spencer Drake
Run Dates:  January 23 thru February 20, 2010
Audition Dates:
Sunday, November 22
Monday, November 23
6:30 pm
Riverfront Playhouse
Start with a pinch of murder, Randolph Gaston is dead....or is he?  Throw in some crazy characters.  To this mix add fake accents and moustaches, mistaken identities, double (and double-double) crosses and hidden bodies, plenty of comical dialogue and situations.  Stir well for a combination of mystery, comedy and farce and serve up an evening full of fun.
Geraldine Gaston:  the grieving (?) widow   age 30-40
Father Joseph Bently:  the parish priest   age 30-40
Inspector Fenwick Feydeau:  the French inspector  age 30-60
Alice:  the Gaston's maid   age  20's
Mary Ellen Rodgers:  the next door neighbor   age 20-40
Ambrose Brinks:  the boyfriend  age 20-40
For more information contact Maria Spencer Drake at 365-3848 or e mail to moomyrea@charter.net

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