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Drawing a Skull – a basic lesson in drawing heads

Drawing a Skull - a basic lesson in drawing heads
with artist Aaron Sangenitto
basic drawing Step 1

Step 1-4
1. Start with an egg shape
2. Draw a vertical center line
3. Draw a horizontal center line,
4. Add another horizontal line half way between that line and the bottom of the skull.


basic drawing Step 2

Step 4-7
4. Draw ovals for eyes, a teardrop shape for the nose
5. Next, draw a horizontal line that curves downward slightly for the mouth.
6. Add 1/4 circles coming up from the edges of themouth to the outside of the egg shape.
7. Add 1/2 circles just above the eyes.


basic drawing Step 3

Step 8-12
Now, let's start adding some hard lines and detail
8. Start by adding teeth - I usually start with the center teeth on the top and bottom and work my way to the outside of the mouth.

9. Flatten out the top of your eye ovals slightly as  you outline the eyes.

10. Bring lines from the outside of the teeth up through your 1/4 circles and back down slightly to make the bottom of the cheekbones.

11. Bring those lines up around the sides of the eyes. (make them a little bumpy) and into your 1/2 circles. Don't bring those lines quite to the outside of your egg shape.

12. Draw the circle that makes up the top of the head and a line down from the cheekbones to make the bottom jaw and chin.

basic drawing Step 4

Final Step
Finish with some shading and final detail.




Aaron Sangenitto is an award-winning tattoo artist, in Redding, Ca.  He has been working as a professional artist for over 12 years.

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