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May this coming year be filled with love, gratitude and peace of mind for you.
(As soon as I wipe out that gosh awful color I just applied on my canvas and clean these brushes, and then, find that missing frame, I may join you in some of that peace of mind.)

Art tidbit to share:

"I don't believe in talent. I believe in tenacity. I believe what people often site as "talent" is actually desire and perseverance. I know plenty of people with talent and they do little or nothing with it. Tenacity is never giving up until you�ve attained your goal. The level you attain is limited only by your work ethic".

Speaking of Goals, I received a surprise Christmas present:

I was accepted into the Scottsdale Art School "Best & Brightest Juried Art Show". The painting, "Crashing Waves", will also be in the Celebration of Fine Art" event in Scottsdale. Yippee!

You can find the painting and details on my web site:


Sure appreciate your viewing my newsletter!

Geri is an amazing artist residing in Arizona.
here is a little about her:

I was influenced in the arts by my mother at an early age. Caught drawing and coloring on my bedroom walls by my father, I remember my mother's defense and support: "Leave her alone! That's her room! She's expressing herself!"

My work has been called “Passionate and colorful”. I describe it as impressionistic-expressionistic interpretations of portraits, landscapes, figures and still-lives expressed on canvas with brush or palette knife via oil or acrylic paints. I endeavor to give subjects meaning that surpasses their reality.

Art studies: Betts Holland-McDaniels, followed by studies at Cal State Univ., Fullerton, Otis Parsons Art Institute, Los Angeles, Idyllwild School of Music and Arts, plus workshops with notable well known artists such as Ted Gerschner, William Reese, Carolyn Anderson, and most recently with Phil Starke.

I am an associate member of Oil Painters of America, American Impressionist Society, Arizona Plein-air Painters, Tucson Plein-air Painters, and Signature member of Whiskeytown Plein-air Painters of Northern California. My work has also been influenced by travels throughout the United States, the Virgin Islands, Mexico, Hawaii, Europe, Greece, Crete, Turkey, Israel, and Egypt. I have clientele internationally.

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  1. Hi Geri, I live and paint in Trinity County. I am studying watercolor with Evelyn Mercer Ward as my teacher. I love what you said about talent....I often feel that I don't have it (talent that is) but I am a determined painter. I love it. I love the whole process and journey. I love what happens when I touch the paper with a particular color and what happens to it when the water takes off with it. I could go on but will not. Mainly just want to say thank you for the inspiration. I, too am a plein aer painter and started a little group of Trinity Artists going "out and about". The last outing we had I was the only one to show up and it was to Whiskeytown Lake. I had a wonder filled time there. You mentioned that there is a Whiskeytown plein aer org. How would I get in touch with them? Thanks again, Pam

  2. Hi Pam, I found a website that may have the info you need about the whiskeytown pleinaire painters follow this link: http://www.nps.gov/whis/parknews/plein-air-painters-exhibition-at-whiskeytown.htm
    I hope that helps!

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