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Don’t Trash It! Have Fun With It! – Lorena Bowser

Don’t Trash It!   Have Fun With It! by Lorena Bowser You never know when inspiration will strike. The trick is to be ready for it. One of my first, and favorite paintings, “Jardin Fantastique”, was also my first claim to the title “Watercolor collage artist.”  The inspiration came, and rightfully so, from the exceptional light [...]

You Tube Video of the Week – Collage

You Tube Video of the Week – Collage Demonstration by Mille Gift Smith Be sure to rate this video on You Tube!

Writing for the Children’s Market: Picture Books to YA Crossover – Writer’s Forum

Writing for the Children’s Market: Picture Books to YA Crossover – Writer’s Forum When:  Saturday, February 13, 2010 from 10:30 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. Where: Writers Forum has moved to a new location. Meetings are now held in the Memorial Hall of All Saints Episcopal Church, 2150 Benton Drive  Redding, CA 96003 The church is [...]

The Etiquette of Mentoring – Robert Genn

   The Etiquette of Mentoring by Robert Genn  January 29, 2010  Yesterday, Judy Singer of Toronto, Ontario, wrote, “I’ve been an artist for 36 years and taught at York University for 30 years. I now give workshops in my studio. I’m often asked for advice about how to get a gallery, pricing, my opinion of [...]

Don’t Trash it, Fix it! – Lorena Bowser

Don’t Trash it! Fix it! by Lorena Bowser   I love to try new media, but watercolor will always be my medium of choice. There is a spiritual aspect to using this life-source to create art, and lessons to be learned from its unpredictability. Watercolors do not always respond as expected, making a painting as [...]

Sunnyside Up – Robert Genn Twice Weekly newsletter

Sunny Side Up by Robert Genn Our attitudes determine our accomplishments. Recent emails about shared studio spaces, male-female dynamics, creative progress etc., showed us those who see the glass half empty and those who see it half full. Could it be, we wondered, that the half-empty folks were destined to have emptier and emptier glasses, [...]

Drawing Classes starting January 26

Drawing Classes start January 26, 2010 Nancy Toolan, College instuctor will be offering classes at the Anderson Teen Center Tuesday afternoons from 4pm-6pm beginning January 26, 2010. Class fees are $10 per session in one month/four week blocks. For additional information and registration, please call Nancy at 530-472-1474

From “Ruined” to “Riches” – by Lorena Bowser

From “Ruined” to “Riches” by Lorena Bowser  I start with the “moral of the story”, which usually comes at the end:  Every problem has a solution!   If I have learned anything at all in life, it is that there is no problem that cannot be fixed.  Well, we all know that art is an expression [...]

You Tube demo of the week – Pottery

Traditional Process of Pottery This is mesmorizing!  Be sure to click on the video to rate it!

Robert Genn Twice Weekly – Full Immersion

Full Immersion January 15, 2010 The distinctive creak of a bicycle coming to a stop behind me gave an unexpected jerk to my brush. Sandals shuffled on the flinty stones–then a pause. It was a long silence, even for a place where everybody has the time. His was a gravelly voice–perhaps the recent memory of [...]