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Sandi Palmer’s 2010 Classes

I have some dates for our workshops next year, so circle your calendar. I have layaway plan ladies and gents, a $20 here and there adds up and you will feel like your class is free by the time the workshops are here….LOLOLOL….don’t you just love the way I think.  



March 13 & 14, Sue Bennett: Sue brought a landscape she did in oil last year that I went gaga over….Sue is primarily a watercolorist….but guess what????? I begged her for an oil class…..this will be a 2 day  landscape class in oil…..you will love it….Oil has been overlooked the last couple of years, lets get it started again. $75.00 a day




April 10 & 11, Marion Moir: Marion is sooooo creative and she has some fun planed for us….melted crayons….you ought to see her stuff…AWESOME!!!! She does watercolor, acrylics, collages, melted crayons, mix medias…..Ladies and Gents, this woman has made her sole living with her art for over 25 years, we can learn allot from her…….when I get her draft on the class I will send it forward. $75.00 a day.



Oct, Deb Groessor: Don’t have the date yet. $75 a day


Dec 3,4 &5, Joy Wilson: Dry brush method in oil on a dream canvas. Joy is a wonder in portraits and   animal portraits…the dream canvas is a medium in it’s own right…you will love Joy and her easy going manner along with her husband Dale…he can do anything on a computer to help you design a work of art.  $80 a day


OK people, lets fill these classes this year….we all need a little TLC, so indulge yourself and play now and then….can’t think of a better place than my studio to do that.



Sandi Palmer


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