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The Screaming Penny “This Too Will Pass” Lorena Bowser

ComfortScreamingPenny2This Too Will PassThe Screaming Penny Article 2 – by Lorena Bowser
Hello! I hope you are hanging in there with today's economic downturn. Aren't words clever! You can make anything bad sound supportable with the correct choice of words.  "Downturn."  Let's see now... that reminds me of Mom turning town the bed covers before tucking me in at night, Dad reminding me to respect our books by not down-turning the page corners to mark our place - reminiscence of home and comfort.  I don't think the word fits. Personally, I see doom and gloom in the economics!

Not to worry, though, I do not see gloom and doom in our lives, as long as we keep our priorities straight. I am truly sorry for those who have lost jobs and homes.  I'm not making light of this. It's just that I think it's about time we all got back to the realization that the "best things in life are free."  The American spirit is known for its resilience.  We are knocked down, we get up and fight.  If we cannot avoid the material setbacks, let's not forget the value of character and attitude in the face of our difficulties. Let's pull that Golden Rule out the box where it was hiding while we went out and spent our little hearts out for ourselves for so many years, dust it off, and put it to work again.
For several years I’ve watched the economy heading for a down-turn and considered the idea of initiating an exchange – you know, “I’ll give you a hand-woven grass skirt for three fish” – that kind of thing. It worked once (Oh the peace and beauty of it).  An interchange of goods for service or an art swap can work again.  Why not build that community vegetable garden in the vacant lot down the street, with a weekly portion for the poor, or do some neighborhood networking to exchange chores.

Let’s write the word “give” on our calendars and follow up with anything, in any amount, even if it's only a hug and a smile.  We're already seeing examples of this abound in the news. I have learned to survive in the "have not" category, but even I can give a dollar to a newspaper boy on the street corner and not accept a newspaper in return.  It's much more than the money that counts: it's the love behind the act!   Looking beyond ourselves and caring for others is the first step. We've all heard it said: the best way to overcome our problems is to help someone else with his.

If this doesn't get the job or home back, it will get our peace of mind back while we work on the home front. I recall the frequent words of my mother: "This, too, will pass."  Those who come out on the other side with success are those who keep spirit alive - the Good Guys.  And everyone knows - the “White Hats” always win!


Lorena Bowser is a lifetime artist and linguist.  She has lived all over the world and really knows how to make the pennies scream.  Enjoy more of Lorena's resourcefulness at her website and blog: at http://lorenasartandprose.blogspot.com

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