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A Photographer’s Class for the Artist – OCH

A Photographer's Class for the Artist

June 12-26, 2010

Saturdays 9:00am-12:00pm

Instructor: John Bradford - John Bradford Photography

Cost: $50

The primary purpose of the workshop is twofold. First to create a visual and realistic photographic representation of your artwork be it a painting (2 dimensional) or sculpture (3 dimensional) suitable for meeting the submission requirements at a gallery exhibition and for display on the internet. Secondly, to review the basic mechanics and methodology for this type of photography as it relates to creating a digital image of your artwork.

The workshop will revolve upon the requirements of a mixed media juried exhibition at a prominent California coastal art gallery. This includes an in depth discussion and analysis of the submission procedures, guidelines and requirements as well as developing a description of your art work, artist statement and biography.

To Register, call John Bradford 530-945-7104------------------------------------------

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