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Redding Ballet Academie Summer Youth Dance Camp

 Ballet Academie's
 Summer Youth Dance Camp 
  June 14th through July 9th 

 Workshop Series $475.00
   Monday through Thursday
   8:30am - 4:00pm 
Workshop Class Series  $475.00

For further details, registration form, and placement/auditions visit "Camp" at our website:

Redding Ballet Academie's Summer Youth Dance Camp is a program of serious study in a warm and companionable atmosphere. Under the supervision of Redding City Ballet's Artistic Director Cindy Michaels and Assistant Artistic Director Amberly Steffensen, the program offers top quality teachers and guest teachers that are dedicated to the learning process and growth of each individual student. Class size will be limited.
Students participate in a minimum of four classes per day with RCB's renowned faculty, and enjoy a comprehensive curriculum that includes exposure to artists, history and repertory. The RBA Summer Intensive focuses on developing well-rounded dancers by exposure to a wide variety of disciplines with an emphasis on classical ballet technique and key elements of national training curriculum.

RBA provides caring and careful instruction conducive to technical and artistic progress. In seeking to maintain a feeling of community.

RBA's 2010 summer program is aimed to advance all students' artistic development through the close collaboration involved in developing new works with acclaimed resident dancers and choreographers who work closely with Redding City Ballet and Redding Ballet Academie throughout the year. 
The Value of Dance

One of the things that we, as teachers are asked is,  "What is the value of an education in dance?" My answer after dancing for over twenty-five years (and having time to explore numerous other activities) is that the dance classroom remains the place I have had my most enlightening as well as humbling experiences.  

While the education of a dancer takes place in a classroom setting the learning process for each individual is a highly personal experience. It is a continuous lesson in art, music, cooperation, problem solving, and coordination and, all of it is within your power as an individual. Hardly the sequestered existence it is rumored to be! 

Summer Lee Rhatigan, the director of San Francisco Conservatory of Dance points out that, "Because it is so personal, you learn quickly that you're responsible for all the great things that can happen to you." 

Instilling of a confidence building skill in young people during years when peer pressure and acceptance begins to become a motivational force in their lives can be a tool that you can't put a price on. 
~Cindy Michaels, Artistic Director
 Students' Daily Class Offering
 Ballet Technique, Variation, Pointe/Pre-pointe,
Tap, Flamenco, Jazz/Hip Hop
 Broadway Series Jazz, Acting for Dance
   Ballet Technique Class: Placement for the ballet class will be determined at first class meeting.
Variation Classes:  Variation classes will cover classical male and female choreography.  Pointe work is not necessary for certain levels.  Determined at class time.
Pointe/Pre-pointe: (age and technical requirements) Pointe and pre-pointe will be offered to students who show the technical applitude for beginning this particular step in their training.
Tap:  Beginning through intermediate tap sounds and rhythms (tap shoes are required.)
Flamenco: Beginning level of the classical Spanish dance form.
Jazz and Hip Hop: This style of dance will be offered to expand each students movement vocabulary.  Musical selections will be restricted and are available for parental preview at the beginning of the session.  Attendance is optional.
Broadway Series Jazz:  Class encompasses the music and dance numbers from several Broadway productions that are age appropriate such as Peter Pan, Beauty and the Beast, Oklahoma, Fiddler on the Roof.
 Acting for Dance / Choreography :  Where we put it all together.  The directors/teachers of Redding Ballet Academie and Redding City Ballet are very involved in the Redding Art Hop series and the producers of Redding's annual Nutcracker at  the Cascade Theatre.  Both groups routinely offer performance opportunities throughout the year as well as during the school's  summer sessions.  Parents will be invited for an in-house showing at the end of the series: Dates TBA

A  forty-five minute lunch break will be provided each day (students must supply their own food; drinks will be available for a minimal charge)

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