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Paradise Garden’s Hui’Ohana newsletter (an excerpt)

Word of the Month:  Ha’aha’a – Humility Ku’ia ka hele a ka na’au ha’aha’a.  Hesitant walks the humble hearted. (A humble person walks carefully so he will not hurt those about him.) Ha’aha’a –- humble, modest, unassuming, unobtrusive, humility, low, short, minimum. Humility – humble, having or showing awareness of one’s defects; not proud; not [...]

Spring Theatre Academy – Westside Performing Arts Group

Looking for something fun and educational for your kids to do over spring break?   The WESTSIDE PERFOMRING ARTS COMPANY’S Spring Theatre Academy is a theatre education camp for kids ages 7-18. Kids will learn skills in acting, singing, dancing and auditioning. The camp will conclude with a performance of children’s theatre peices at the [...]

Birth Notice – by Robert Genn

   Birth Notice – by Robert Genn Some recent items in my inbox: “I’ve been busy this past month and not doing much painting.” “My work had to wait.” “Sometimes I’ll sneak in an hour or two.” “These days I can’t paint.” “I have wrung myself dry.” Sometimes my inbox is so full of this [...]

Marion Moir workshop – 12 days left!

12 days till workshop Dear Young Budding Artist: Marion Moir: April 10 and 11…. she is going to have something very different to offer us…I am so looking forward to her coming. Marion is an awesome person with soooo much good energy she will make you dizzy….Marion is one of the few artist that has [...]

Curious and Curiouser – by Robert Genn

Curiouser and Curiouser by Robert Genn   This morning I was on the phone with a painter I’d Googled. He Googled me as we spoke. We looked at each other’s stuff. Then we mutually Googled the same works of the Spanish painter Joaquin Sorolla. We moved on to Francisco Domingo Marques, a teacher to whom [...]

What A Character! Writers’ Forum workshop April 10, 2010

Writers Forum Press Release  What a Character!  Pointers on creating alive and believable characters worth caring about.  Presented by former Shasta College English instructor Sallyann Keith, the program Includes writing exercises and the opportunity to read aloud to the audience.  The public is always welcome to attend. Admission is free. Donations are requested only at the refreshment [...]

Male Answer Syndrom by Robert Genn

Male Answer Syndrome – by Robert Genn “Male Answer Syndrome” (MAS) is the tendency among men to give answers to questions whether they know anything about the subject or not, particularly when in the presence of women. The idea was first written about by Jane Campbell in the Utne Reader in 1992. It seems that [...]

In the Mood – by Lorena Bowser

In the Mood! by Lorena Bowser I had been painting “seriously” for several years and hadn’t given my painting mood any thought – until the day I stopped caring if my painting turned out or not. I wanted to paint something just “for the heck of it”, no stressing about my subject, artistic ability or [...]

Youtube Video of the Week – the Art of Ebru (marbelizing)

The Turkish Art of Ebru (marbelizing) This is such a cool form of art, so inspiring! I hope you enjoy the video Be sure to rate the video~ click on the video – it will take you to youtube. Happy Painting!

Debi Hammond – Cover Contest winner Spring 2010

Congratulations to Debi Hammond, from www.creatinghappy.net for winning the Spring 2010 Cover Contest for ARTAZINE! The winning piece is “Spring Dance” – watercolor A little about Debi I moved to Redding in 1983 and my husband and I have built a great life and family here. I have always been in love with creating! I [...]