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In the Mood – by Lorena Bowser

In the Mood!
by Lorena Bowser

I had been painting “seriously” for several years and hadn’t given my painting mood any thought – until the day I stopped caring if my painting turned out or not. I wanted to paint something just “for the heck of it”, no stressing about my subject, artistic ability or “getting my painting just right.” I put on some music by Daniel O Donnell and was soon feeling good, without a care in the world. He does that for you.

My paintbrush responded with a mind of its own, a bit like the brooms in the wizard scene in Fantasia – but with more creative intentions. The painting came together effortlessly and in record time! I finished it in one afternoon. I took it to my art class but the instructor didn’t think much of it. I decided to enter it in the Annual Juried Show, but he said “It’s not good enough.” I entered it anyway, fully expecting it to be rejected. It got in!

Later when viewing the show, I noticed that my painting was completely out of genre for the rest of the exhibit. Curious, I asked the juror why he had selected it. He said, “It doesn’t’ fit the show I wanted, but it’s so beautiful, I just had to include it!”

This is the painting that sold three times! Through a series of misunderstandings, three people thought they had purchased it, when actually I had confirmed only one and the painting had already been delivered. I ended up painting it again twice, so everyone could have it. Paintings number two and three were identical to the first one, but to my surprise, there was “something” missing in them – that something that makes a painting special. How can there be any difference between three paintings when they are identical down to the smallest detail? …mood!

As with so much else of a creative nature in my life, the best things are always discovered, never intended. I realized then that I’ve done my best artwork when I’ve been happy. Every one of my favorite paintings – also the favorites picked out by others - was painted when I was happy. Life has its low points of course. Those happy moments are sometimes elusive, which fact seriously limited my possibilities for creating my best work the past couple of years. The economy and unexpected personal challenges had made life more difficult than usual. We can’t turn on the light when the light bulb is burned out. Or can we?

I did. I found my inspiration again in great music. Whatever mood the moment dictates, music turns the light on every time. I am convinced that good art does not happen without music. In the artist’s studio while he works there is bound to be music playing – jazz, rock or classic. It doesn’t matter. He will choose what makes him happy and that invariably brings the creative moment full circle. Plein air artists do well to leave the radio at home – bird song, wind through the trees and rushing waters provide the sweet sounds from which much of the world’s greatest music itself has been inspired.

And so I say: “Vive la musique!” It gives life to the soul of the artist - and it’s the artist’s soul that makes art!
My Polyphonic Paintbrush

My paintbrush plays colors, blue, yellow and red
Of visions I’ve stored away in my head

They drum out emotions that words can’t express
Uncover the problems I've yet to address

Like the notes of a flute, they circle and blend
Soon they discover tones with no end

How many shades can three colors find?
The resulting symphony amazes the mind

Music to my eyes, these pieces of light
Ad infinitum new colors delight

Completely engrossed in this wonderful song
I soon discover my troubles are gone

Lorena Bowser is a lifetime artist and linguist. She has lived all over the world and really knows how to make the pennies scream. Enjoy more of Lorena's resourcefulness at her website and blog: at http://lorenasartandprose.blogspot.com

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