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Marion Moir workshop – 12 days left!

12 days till workshop

Dear Young Budding Artist:

Marion Moir: April 10 and 11….
she is going to have something very different to offer us…I am so looking forward to her coming. Marion is an awesome person with soooo much good energy she will make you dizzy….Marion is one of the few artist that has made her sole living with her art…

.Come join us and pick this very vibrant lady’s brain.

 I know you will enjoy every minute.

Below is the description of the two day workshop.

$150 for the weekend. I have 5 spots left.

April 10: Rescuing Old Paintings Bring in your paintings, collages that you don't like or some you do and we'll turn them into magical works of art!
You can make copies of your originals on regular paper or card stock or use originals. 

Supplies: Poster board large and small scissors glue stick gel medium pencil foam brush brushes watercolors and or acrylics and metallic paints & pearlx if you have it..
Clayboard 4x6 or 6x8 ,
I have ordered clayboard 5x7,
don’t know what the price will be yet.
Yupo paper, I have it if you don’t Watercolor paper
We paint on the board, press it onto paper and "find" images..then discover how it will evolve!
Clayboard 4 by 6 or 6 by 8 inches,
watercolor and or acrylic,
metallic paints,
pearl x if you have it,
paint brushes and foam brushes,
watercolor paper and yupo.

April 11
Poor Man's Stamping & Poor Man encaustic,
melted crayon Morning class:
We will make our own stamps with styrofoam and a pen..how easy and how limitless!

Afternoon class: Poor Man's Encaustic!
"Melted Crayons" Explore the pure fun and creativeness of this childhood media!
Crayola crayons with the paper wrappers removed..old ones work great too,
poster board,
metallic paints or pearl x powder,
go to junk shops or in your kitchen and find a hot plate with a glass top like we use to keep a plate warm
or and old electric frying pan.
I have some so when we find out how many students we'll know what to bring,
soldering iron,
we can share these,
tiny beads,
stickles gel glue
tiny beads for embellishment. 
he sky is the limit: this is poor man encaustic,
I love this one….
the rest is stamping with stamps you make….
these are examples not finished paintings…
take a look and see the potential
…it is amazing.
Supplies: Styrofoam sheets or plates
pen and pencil acrylics
and or watercolors,
metallic paints,
stamp pads of many colors,
tiny beads and
glitter glue(stickles),
brayer if you have one,
watercolor paper,
yupo or posterboard.
Electric frying pan
or hot plate
with glass top

Call 347-4957 or e-mail me to sign up

Have a good day!!! Sandi Palmer

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