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Sandi Palmer – Oil painting Mini Workshop

Mini Workshop with Sandi Palmer
tuesday morning class

I have been running out of new ideas for the mini workshop day….however, Tuesday morning class 10-1, we will be working on an oil, landscape with snow covered mountains, cabin with spring flowers……You bring the size of canvas you want…I am going to be working on a 14x16 or 16x20…….this workshop will be about mixing color. $15.00

This is not a finished painting, but you can get the idea…3 colors a red, blue and yellow with white.


Oil paint- only 3 colors plus white

cobalt or ultramarine blue,

Thalo Rose Red or Permanent Rose or Alizarin Crimson,

 Cadmium Yellow

 Brushes you like to work with…get some work horses, hogs bristle filberts

 Canvas: any size you want or a canvas board

 Ordorless painting thinner

 Baby oil to clean brushes after day is over….thank you Mike for that tip…Holy Cow, baby oil works better than thinner to clean brushes….OK, people you have to wash the baby oil out of your brushes before you can paint..keeps your brushes is great shape, better than anything I have ever used.

 For people who have no supplies there will be a $10.00 charge for paint and use of brushes. Canvas or canvas board is extra.

 Hope to see you…seating is limited so please call or e-mail me.

 Sandi Palmer 347-4957

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