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The Strange Case of George and Linda – by Robert Genn

The strange case of George and Linda by Robert Genn At the request of some friends and relatives I’ve changed all the names in this delicate story. George and I exhibited in the same gallery in a provincial town. Coming and going, we met on occasion, and once at a party we discussed the progression [...]

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii – by Jan Baza

May Day is Lei Day in Hawaii an exerpt from Dave and Jan Baza’s monthly hula newsletter To help celebrate “Lei Day”, here is a link to an informative video about Lei Day in Hawaii. http://video.about.com/gohawaii/celebrate-lei-day-in-hawaii.htm The lei is a lovely tradition that brings a good feeling to both the giver and the receiver.  It [...]

Bravura is Coming!

Reality Check! (or, What You See is Not.) by Lorena Bowser

Reality Check!  (or, What You See is Not.) by Lorena Bowser   No, that’s not an incomplete sentence.  We are taught that we are touching the silk of a lovely kimono, hearing the different instruments in a symphony, smelling the blossoms on a spring breeze, or watching the changing colors of a sunset. However, this [...]

Xtreme Dance Camp – Extreme Experience – by Raette Meredith

Xtreme Dance Camp with The Dance Project Xtreme Dance Camp, an Xtreme Experience by Raette Meredith   Beginning June 14 and ending June 18, The Dance Project’s Xtreme Dance Camp is surely to become a favorite dance camp for novice through experienced dancers of all ages!  I recently had the privilege of discussing this exciting [...]

A Case For No Help – by Robert Genn

The Case For No Help by Robert Genn, photo found at www.mark-tobey.com I’m using Mark Tobey for this sticky subject, partly because I met him briefly in Seattle in 1962, and partly because he exemplifies a personality type most of us will recognize. Wisconsin born, Tobey was a leading light in what came to be [...]

Painting and Chunking – by Robert Genn

Painting and Chunking by Robert Genn   I’m not talking about a place in China. “Chunking” is a word psychologists use for a kind of learning and understanding. It means to group elements that might work in unison toward a goal. A good way to understand chunking is to look at a word. “Horse,” will [...]

I WANT ONE! – Ipad Caricature Demonstration- youtube Demo of the week

I WANT ONE! This looks like so much fun! iPad Caricature Demonstration with Art Studio and Pogo Sketch (with Digital Artist Angie Jordan) don’t forget to rate the video by clicking on it!

CALL TO ARTISTS – HeART 4 Nations – Global Arts and Food Festival

HeART 4 Nations will be having a Global Arts and Food Festival.  When:   Saturday, May 29th Where:  Library Park (behind the Lorenz Hotel)               1500 Center St.               Redding, Calif. 96001 Time:    11am. to 10pm. There will be food booths, music, art and so much more. If you would like to take part in this incredible [...]

How’s Your Myelin by Robert Genn

How’s your myelin? By Robert Genn During the past ten years we’ve probably learned more about the workings of the human brain than at any time in history. Neuroscientists have been busy digging around in our heads trying to get a glimpse of creativity, proficiency and talent. Something they were looking at was myelin. Long [...]