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Xtreme Dance Camp – Extreme Experience – by Raette Meredith

Xtreme Dance Camp
Xtreme Dance Camp with The Dance Project

Xtreme Dance Camp, an Xtreme Experience by Raette Meredith

  Beginning June 14 and ending June 18, The Dance Project’s Xtreme Dance Camp is surely to become a favorite dance camp for novice through experienced dancers of all ages!  I recently had the privilege of discussing this exciting event with The Dance Project’s Founder and Artistic Director, James Santos.  So many things make this dance camp unique I am excited to share what I have learned with you.  First of all, there are several dance camps happening in Redding this summer for yourself or your little dancer.  Local studios are working together to make dance available to all levels of experience.  The camp schedules work well together, so if you want a full summer of dance, you can have it!   Not only is this possible, it is encouraged.    “The more instructors the students are exposed to the better,” says James “each instructor brings their own unique style and experience to the floor, creating a well-rounded experience for each dancer.”

  Xtreme Dance Camp 2010 offers a variety of instruction from 10 instructors.  Every student will have the opportunity to learn from every instructor during the week.  These dancers are amazing.  Six of the instructors including James Santos, Marissa Kinneavy, Cindy Sumsion, Ellen Simonis, Jana Parker, and Tiffany Rodriques, are from Redding.  They are professional dancers, trained in studios reaching as far as New York and loaded with experience ranging from Hip Hop, Ballet, Pilates-Ballet, Costuming, to Nutrition for dance.  Three of the instructors bring vast experience from out of town.  Denny Newell, a Senior Show Director at the Disneyland Resort, award winning Gina Angelique from Santa Ana, CA and Desiree Robbins, who has worked all over the United States preparing dancers for professional careers.  This exposure to such a variety of instruction makes this dance camp truly special.

  Xtreme Dance Camp is open to all ages, from 5 to adult, and all skill levels. Auditions take place on Fridays, May 14 and May 21.  For those who are intimidated by the word audition, you are not alone. Auditions are actually a day of placement in one of four levels from novice to the experienced.  For those unable to make the auditions, The Dance Project staff is available to come watch you during one of your performances or practices. 

  I asked James what a student can expect upon arrival to camp.  Each dancer will begin with a session of Pilates and yoga, followed with two dance sessions.  There is a one-hour break for a nutritious lunch, provided by The Dance Project, and then three more dance classes.  That is a lot of dance!

  Night workshops are also available for working adults, featuring a Guest Artist and James Santos.  This truly is a dance camp for everyone, and The Dance Project has made it easy for everyone to attend.

James’ positive energy is contagious. You can’t help but get excited when talking with him.  Every aspect of dance is covered during the week and the exposure to talent and expertise is difficult to match. 

  I asked James what kinds of expenses there are to put an Xtreme Dance Camp together.  Costs incurred are close to $14,000.  This includes travel expenses for out of town instructors, food for all the dancers, studio preparation, and payment of staff. “Keeping cost down for students is a priority, and we’d love to provide scholarships to students in need.”  Cost should not prohibit a dancer from dancing. Camp fees range from $100 to $300 depending on the experience of the dancer.    

  If you are interested in sponsoring this dance camp, please contact James Santos at danceprojectredding@yahoo.com  or call him at (530) 226-6700.

Open auditions for this fabulous camp are at University Preparatory School, 2200 Eureka Way, Redding CA on two consecutive Fridays, either May 14 or 21. Ages 5-9 begin at 4pm, ages 10 and up at 4:30pm.


Raette is the editor and developer of both ARTAZINE magazine and artazine.org.  She is a local artist and works with the Shasta County Arts Council as the organizer for the annual ARTsMART in the Mt Shasta Mall.

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