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Roberta Baer – A Painting-a-Day youtube of the week!

This is one of our artists, Roby Baer! Roberta’s demonstration is only one of many found on youtube.com.  For more of her video demonstrations, visit youtube and search “Roby Baer” Roberta, you rock!

Roll out the Colors… by Lorena Bowser

 Roll out the Colors.  We’ll Put the Blues on the Run…. by Lorena BowserThe chameleon must be among the most psychologically balanced creatures on earth.  While we take seriously the saying: “It’s all in the attitude,” this little guy lives by the idea that “It’s all in the color!”  And he’s not far from right. [...]

Hopeless? – by Robert Genn

Hopeless? by Robert Genn Yesterday, Keith Wright of Melbourne, Australia wrote, “Nothing is as hopeless as trying to justify a lifetime as an artist. I have painted for over thirty years and have little to show for it. I have a studio full of paintings and a wife who denigrates my career. I have no [...]

BEADMAN Beading Classes June Schedule

The BEADMAN in Redding, CA is nowtaking signups for classes offered in June 2010.  To view the class schedule in full size, click on the calendar below.

Mini Monets – Arts Classes for Children Summer Art Workshop Class

Mini Monets – Art Classes For Children Summer Art Workshop with Betsy Judge at Creekview Studios Description : Join us for some summer art fun in a beautiful country setting with Mini Monets – Art Classes For Children. In this 3 – day workshop we will explore art using various mediums. Call for details and [...]


NEW ARTS/PERFORMANCE VENUE OPENING IN REDDING                                      THE BOHEMIAN ART LOFT A Venue for Original Artistic Expression 3304B Bechelli Lane, Redding   GRAND OPENING WEEKEND EVENTS May 15 & May 16, 2010:   Contact for all events: Nadia Hava-Robbins  229-7818   SUNDAY OPEN HOUSE – A Celebration of the Arts:                           Date:               [...]

Color Me Pink! I’m Happy – by Lorena Bowser

Color me pink!  I’m happy.  by Lorena Bowser  In fact, I’m tickled pink to be writing this. I have discovered so much on the subject of color that I can’t wait to dive into it, as into a huge pool of watercolors all mixing and blending into infinite shades of Fantasia!   Now. what does the [...]

A Veil of Tears – by Robert Genn

A Veil of Tears by Robert Genn Yesterday, Linda Flaherty of Fort Dodge, Iowa, wrote, “Recently, I found myself weeping before a self-portrait I was working on. Suddenly it was as if I actually saw myself. It was like looking at a portrait of someone I knew who no longer existed. I told no one [...]

ARTAZINE adds an online forum!

This is a great place to make comments, or add information about our listings, articles, etc!  Open to all who would like to contribute, as long as it benefits the arts community. follow this link to the ARTAZINE forum This feature is currently under construction. Please visit us again soon! Current instructors, join the forum [...]

Jungle sloth Relief Woodcarving Demo by Artist Scott McNeill

Jungle Sloth Relief Woodcarving Demo by Artist Scott McNeill Our you tube video of the week I love this video.  Artist Scott McNeill demonstrates relief wood carving, a fabulous, multilayer process. Be sure to rate this video on youtube by clicking on it!