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BEADMAN Beading Classes June Schedule

The BEADMAN in Redding, CA is nowtaking signups for classes offered in June 2010.  To view the class schedule in full size, click on the calendar below.

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  1. Hello -

    I am from Auburn California, just above Sacramento. Next month I plan to be passing through and usually spend the night in Redding. Thought if a class was available that I would sign up. My question is, when will the July schedule be out for viewing?

    Hope to see you in a few weeks, as I always stop by.

    Thank you,
    Judy Guthrie

  2. Great to hear from you Judy!
    The schedule will be posted no later than Monday June 20! Great timing!
    Be sure to let The Beadman know that you found the classes on ARTAZINE!
    Thank you for keeping the ARTs alive!
    Raette - ARTAZINE founder

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