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Who is responsible for ARTs education? by Raette Meredith

Our mission at ARTAZINE is to eliminate the barriers between Americans and the ARTs. In study after study we learn how important the ARTs are for the development of the human mind. So why is it that our government decides that ARTs education is unnecessary in public education? Why are we cutting the classes that expand our [...]

Drawing Lessons – Orland

Freehand Figure Drawing Sessions in Orland, CA Rae Turnbull is announcing the Freehand Figure Drawing Sessions will begin again in October, Tuesday mornings from 9:00 to Noon at the Orland Art Gallery on Fourth and Colusa Streets.  Each session is $7.00 and is payable at the beginning of each session.  This fee is to cover [...]

A Great Commercial Conspiracy by Robert Genn

A Great Commercial Conspiracy by Robert Genn Seven Days in the Art World, by Sarah Thornton, gives a chapter each to seven venues: “The Auction” takes us to Christie’s in London–an inside look at who bids and who gets what, and why, and how prices are cleverly pushed. “The Crit” finds us at the “artstarmaker” [...]

ARTAZINE Fall 2010 Cover Contest

New to ARTAZINE! Many exciting changes are coming for North State ARTs instructors!  Due to budget restrictions, going to print with the full magazine is not going to happen in the Fall as we had anticipated, though really amazing things are in the works with the website, making it a more interactive, searchable place to find ARTs [...]

Submit your class schedules now for Fall 2010

ARTAZINE FALL 2010, Edition 9 is coming! Submit your schedules by September 1, 2010. Please include classes you are planning for September, October, November and December, 2010 Include the following information: class name class description ages taught class fees dates days times location (include address) an updated photo of yourself instructor biograph(ies) If you have a [...]

Painting workshops with Sandi Palmer

Exciting workshops at Sandi Palmer’s Studio, Cottonwood, CA Mark your calendars! Oct 9 & 10, 2010 Deb Groessor: $75 a day We look forward to Deb every year I was thinking about skipping a year and then I said….NO WAY!!!!!!! Deb is a fantastic watercolorist, pen and ink artist and everything in between. Don’t miss [...]

Art and Motherhood

Art and Motherhood by Robert Genn Yesterday, Cedar Lee of Ellicott City, MD, wrote, “I have a 10-month-old son. Before I had this child I never realized the level of freedom and time that I had. The demands are so all-consuming that they leave me with little if anything left to give to my work. [...]

Nutcracker auditions coming up! Aug 26/27 Redding City Ballet

Redding City Ballet NUTCRACKER  AUDITIONS August 26th and 27th Open Auditions held at Redding Ballet Academie, 1726 Market Street – across from the Cascade Theater Dancers:  August 26th and 27th   @4:00 pm; Children:  7 – 10 yrs. Friday, August 28th   @4:00 pm Registration begins at 3:30pm Come battle with Redding City Ballet’s Flying Rat King in [...]

What to do with Yourself – by Robert Genn

What to do with Yourself by Robert Genn Yesterday, Caroline Planting wrote, “I’m packing to attend a residency at the Vermont Studio Center. It’s a bit scary, thinking about what I’ll do with all the time in the world for two weeks, just painting. Even packing is hard–what to take?  How will my mind be [...]

Auditions for Cascade Christmas and Sound of Music

Auditions for A Cascade Christmas and The Sound of Music Auditions for Actors and Singers for A Cascade Christmas and the Sound of Music August 19 and 20 at 5 p.m.Auditions for Dancers for A Cascade Christmas August 21. 9 a.m. for dancers 13 and older.  12 p.m. for student dancers 4 and a half [...]