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Tips on Paying Natural Models – by Robert Genn

Tips on Paying Natural Models by Robert Genn  Yesterday, Marilyn Hartley wrote, “This year I realized that country music is darn good! I took my drawing pad to a Pennsylvania tavern, blended in with the crowd, and, asking first, began to draw the musicians. People came over to see what I was doing. Everyone loved [...]

Downsize, Exorcize or … Intercize? by Lorena Bowser

Downsize, Exorcize or …Intercize?  by Lorena Bowser  Everybody is downsizing now! Normally, I avoid what everybody else is doing for some very well-founded reasons, but in this newest trend, I see an awakening:  “Stuff” gets in the way of our freedom to be ourselves, and in the artist’s case, of our creative spirit.  So we’re [...]

Stellaluna – a book review from Shirley’s Corner

STELLALUNA Book Review by S. A. Barone Stellaluna is one of the most endearing children’s picture books on the market today.  It has been around for several years and still remains one of the most popular stories.  The illustrations are beautiful and amazing.  Author and illustrator, Janell Cannon, used acrylics and Prismacolor pencils to bring [...]

Organizing your Studio – The Hand-Off

Organizing Your Studio 101 by Raette Meredith I feel all the time that I need to create. When I see an empty can of soup, my mind is running through all the things I could make out of it…pencil holders, paint brush holders, paint mixing, holders for pretty much anything. When does it stop? I [...]

Creative Writing – A Child’s Artistic Expression

CREATIVE WRITING A Child’s Artistic Expression by S.A. Barone Creative writing is an artistic expression, like painting, or composing music. Not only is creative writing important to adults and teens, it is equally important for young children.  Creative writing plays a vital role in a child’s literacy development.  It helps their ability to read and [...]

Child Portraiture, by John Bradford

John Bradford Photography Child Portraiture by John Bradford, Professional Photographer Whether you are a parent, grandparent or a professional, capturing that special moment of a child at play comes close to the top of many a parent and photographer’s list. This is especially true when it comes to photographing your own child. Many of the [...]

Art not for the Faint of Heart

Art not for the Faint of Heart by Robert Genn I’m crouched on a stack of easels with eleven other painters on the top of a snow-clad mountain waiting for a thumping Bell 212 helicopter to rise away in a swirl of whiteout. At times like this, thoughts run through one’s head. There’s the sheer [...]

FALL 2010 Classes are here!

We are excited to announce over 650 ARTs classes in the latest Fall 2010 updates! Browse our site for listings, locations and biographies on the instructors! ARTAZINE is an all-inclusive ARTs organization, growing with every day!   Due to our ever-expanding directory of ARTs instruction, we will no longer be producing our entire directory in PDF format. It [...]

Watercolor Workshops in Cottonwood

Dear Young Budding Artist, Time is getting short for the classes ladies and gents. I have 4 spots left for Deb Groesser’s class and 4 left on Joy Wilson’s class. Deposits are due at this time. I love the workshops, it gives me some time to get away from what I do and have some [...]

Six Exercises in Magic, by Robert Genn

Six Exercises in Magic by Robert Genn Artists need to be constantly on the prowl for ways to make their work more visually exciting. Art needs magic bullets beyond mere subject matter. Fact is, perfectly dull subjects can be made more interesting with a little extra thought and effort. You may already be applying some [...]