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Tuesday Workshops with Sandi Palmer – update

 Hey There Young Budding Artist,

 September 7th is the first Tuesday of the month and I have a fun project for you…in fact maybe two, because we need drying time. The project below is done with aluminum foil and acrylics. Fun freestyle art form…lets have fun!!! And just throw paint and be crazy. The second project we have done before, however, I told you we need drying time sooooooo this project is on 140lb arches. We paint black gesso on foil and flip it on our paper, make a few designs. Take off the foil and see what we have….then embellish anyway you want.  Super fun!!!!!

 I am a very detailed realistic painter so this is stretching my wings allot…I have to admit, I love it seeing what can happen…..hope you do too.

 Foil and acrylics.

 Black Gesso on foil with glue and watercolor on 140lb arches watercolor.


 Aluminum Foil

 We can do the foil art on almost anything. Watercolor paper, Cardboard,Foam core  (that’s what I used) anything we can glue the foil on. Remember, we are experimenting.   

 Acrylics paints if you have them, if not, I have some.

 Regular Gel Medium, Golden or Liquitex  

Bring Freezer paper to tape on the table for you to work on.

 Second project:

Black Gesso


140 lb arches watercolor paper

Masking tape

Paper towels

 The class will be $15 plus $10 for supplies if you don’t have any.

 Call to save you a spot or e-mail me.


Sandi Palmer


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