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Action Creates Inspiration

Action Creates Inspiration
by Raette Meredith

For weeks now I have been standing at a blank canvas, uninspired by the usual inspirations.  Usually I am inspired by the world around me. I see something and I want to paint ten of them in a series. Lately though, nothing. Blank canvas is all I see. I actually like the way the blank canvas looks. Clean, white, immaculate.
Deep inside, though there is this primal need to paint. My mood shifts into a downward spiral as the need consumes me, but a plan or inspiration does not come.

Finally I am hit with a surge of frustration. Still without inspiration for WHAT I am about to paint I grab my brushes, my bucket of water and pallet and go for it. I start slopping the paint on in a mad fury of emotion. An image begins to emerge. Next thing I know, I am painting a raw emotion painting. THIS is how I feel. Oddly the painting becomes my emotion realized.

My blank canvas has transformed into a painting. I am renewed.

Sometimes when there is no preconceived inspiration, action itself can bring out the best paintings.

Raette Meredith

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  1. Great, Raette! I'm getting my paintbrushes out! (and my fingers on the keyboard while I'm at it :)

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