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Monthly Talent Showcase – call to performers

Monthly Talent Showcase in 2011 – Sign Up Now!

The Westside Performing Arts Company is presenting a Talent Showcase every month in conjunction with Art Hop at Leatherby’s Family Creamery at the South End of the Downtown Redding Promenade.

The purpose is to offer an opportunity for singers and actors to perform in front of an audience, period.

Performers from all companies are invited and encouraged to participate.

Types of Performances We’re Looking For:

-Songs: Solo, duet, or group song with live music or CD/tape track.



-Improv (hint, hint, R.I.P)

-Dance (as space permits)

-Approximately 5 minutes per performer.
-Keep it PG-13.
-Arrive and be prepared to perform at your schedule time.
-Must sign up in advance to ensure your space in the program.
-After the scheduled program, we will go to Open Mic format as long as we have people who want to perform.

Who we hope will consider joining us:
-Theater/Dance companies promoting their upcoming productions.
-Singers/Actors trying out new material or just wanting to perform.
-Students/Instructors as a goal/teaching tool.
Lisa Collins is coordinating the Talent Showcase, contact her to sign up for a slot in January!

Lisa Collins
(530) 224-0953 home
(530) 953-8542 cell

or Click Here to sign up.

Please help spread the word to anyone who might be interested – all are welcome!

Here are all the dates for 2011:

January 8

February 12

March 12

April 9

May 14

June 11

July 9

August 13

September 10

August 8

November 12

December  10

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