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Streamlining in the New Year

Streamlining in the New Year
by Raette Meredith

This will be the last "New Year" article I will write, since January is coming to a close.

Tax paperwork is coming in the mail and appointments are being made with accountants in preparation of closing 2010.
I love this time of year. Even though filing taxes and paying them is a pain, it feels so good to close out the paperwork. It's a fresh start for filing and bookkeeping.
Usually the close of a tax year comes with new ideas and more stream-lined ways to keep records.
I look forward to cleaning out the file cabinet and replacing them with crisp, clean folders, tossing the previous year of paperwork in storage.

In 2010 the goal was to "declutter". 2011 will be the year of streamlining what we have.

If you already have a website, perhaps it is time for an update. How long has it been since you updated the color theme? Is your work current? Can you add new videos or remove old information?
Nothing will turn away visitors quicker than an artist's website that shows the most current show was two years ago.
If a color change is all you need to re-vamp your site, and you are stumped for color themes, a great free resource online is http://www.colourlovers.com/

If you don't already have a website, the easiest tools that I have found are at www.godaddy.com. They have hundreds of templates that make it really simple to get a really clean, custom look with little to no headache. You don't even need to know code. The website building tool that I like most is called Website Tonight, and I have been using them for about 4 years now. Average annual fees are about $15o, and you don't have to rely on an external party to do your updating for you.

We would recommend doing updates at least once a year, if not more. If you have a blog where you frequently post, an annual color theme may be all you need. The more frequent the udpates, the better, but that may not be realistic for you. Schedules are cramped and our list of to-do's keeps growing.

Once the home and studio is decluttered it is easier to focus on the areas in life that need updating (like your website) because you are no longer trying to catch up with the past. One task at a time, right?

The next series of articles will be about pulling a do-it-yourself artist website together.

Until next time,


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