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Art in the Park – Artist Opportunity

North Valley Art League 2011 Art in the Park
Sunday, September 25, 2011
Vendor / Artist opportunity for NVAL members

1.Art in the Park will be on Sunday, September 25th, only. One of our members rightly pointed out that the Redding Air Show is on this same weekend, and Saturday will most likely be a very slow day in the park. Also, only a couple of members stated an interest in Saturday setup. And so, Sunday only, this year.

2.There will be no fee associated with setting up your booth. However, it would be very nice of any vendor who decides to donate to the Art League, twenty percent of sales, should that vendor be doing well at "Art in the Park"! But I wish to stress that this would be a voluntary donation. We're not taking names! Well, actually, I AM taking names, but that's the only way I can organize this event!:)

3.This event is open to members only. And so, if you are not a member and wish to participate, I guess there IS a fee involved, thirty bucks to join the Art League! Hey, that's relatively inexpensive, and you'd be joining a great group of people!

4.Booths are to be 10' x 10' and canopy material must be rated as fire resistant. Most material is fire resistant these days, there should be a tag on your canopy stating this fact. Larger booths may be allowed, please email me with your requirements.

5.There is to be NO COOKING in any booth! We will be asking Marge Beck of the Rotary if they'd care to set up food and beverage booths. Cooking would be OK if the vendor has all city permits and certification.

6.Booths are to be set up on the lawn in front of the Carter House Gallery.

7.All items in the booths are to be locally crafted arts and crafts. We saw what happened when the "Art and Craft Faire" turned to China for most of their goods, and besides, a flea market is not what our League is all about.

8.It would be great to have some volunteers who will face paint and otherwise entertain the kiddies. I know Luke's "Paint Free..." booth is always popular, if Luke decides to participate this year, as is face painting. So here's your chance to use your imagination to entertain the kids.

9.Finally, please email me at nval@sbcglobal.net and be sure to type Art in the Park in the subject line. Please give me the following information: Your name, type of arts or crafts you will be displaying, your email address, and a phone number where you can be reached in the evening. This will be the final email to the general membership regarding the 2011 Art in the Park. If you wish to participate but do not use computers and email, please call me at my home at 244-7138, we don't want technology to get in the way of a good time! Thank you! Larry Turk, President

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