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Are Women Superior? – by Robert Genn

Are Women Superior? - by Robert Genn

Every day the news gets worse for men. More and more women are taking our jobs--mainly because they're better at them. Apparently, they have superior management, networking and focusing skills. As everyone knows, the wine industry has lately discovered that women have better noses than us--even though ours tend to be bigger. Yep, at tasting, testing and judging wine, women win nose down over purpose-trained celibate monks. Something in women's nosal evolution just turned more refined.

I'm sticking by my prediction that women are going to be the top refined artists by the end of this century. Statistics will prevail--there are now four female artists for every male--the highest percentage in history.

Women are apparently superior in how they see colour. According to X-Rite (the people who supply Munsell colour products), 1 out of 255 women and 1 out of 12 men have some form of color vision deficiency. They've provided a free colour test online that you can access here. I invite you to take this test and send your result along to me at rgenn@saraphina.com (Please include your gender--apparently there are some men named Susan) Results range from 0 (top score) to about 90 (colour dunce). My score was an embarrassing 40, and so far every single one of the females I've asked to do the test have beaten me. Humiliating. We'll publish an overview of your results and male-female averages in the next clickback.

Networking may be the female trump card. If a woman doesn't know, she often asks someone who does. A man will make it up as he goes along. What passes for imagination in a man is sometimes just a case of stubborn resistance.

Female attendance in learning venues continues to go up. My daughter, Sara, and I are giving a four-day workshop at a trendy vegan retreat called Hollyhock from August 3rd to 7th. Reviewing the final list of our 38 attendees to "Colour, Commitment and Creativity," we find that every single one of them is a woman.
What does this mean? Are all the men too conservatively bound up in getting and spending to take time to bond, eat tofu and top up their latent creativity? What's the world coming to?

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PS: "Women who seek to be equal with men lack ambition." (Timothy Leary) "Well-behaved women seldom make history." (Laurel Thatcher Ulrich)

Esoterica: I asked my friend Joe Blodgett to give advice on the situation. "We've got to fight to maintain our place," he said. "How important is a colour test anyway? The main thing is that male artists have courage to paint with character and efficiency." I asked him what he thought were the greatest male attributes that might keep us on top. "Audacity, courage, bombast, guts," he said. "A lot of men have turned into namby-pamby wimps," he added. Joe and I would have followed the conversation further but he had to go home and mow the lawn.

Robert Genn has given ARTAZINE permission to publish from his twice-weekly newsletter. For more of Robert's artistic insight, visit his blog at www.painterspost.com.

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