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Flavour of the Month – by Robert Genn

Flavour of the Month by Robert Genn Yesterday, Karen Weihs of Asheville, NC, wrote, “I’ve just toured a wide range of private collectors’ homes in Los Angeles. Couples greeted us with open arms, holding their pets and catalogues with great smiles of anticipation; others had their own curators and held back. Many of the homes [...]

The Artist Who Painted a Blue Horse – Book Review by S.A. Barone

THE ARTIST WHO PAINTED A BLUE HORSE Book Review by S. A. Barone Eric Carle’s new book, The Artist Who Painted A Blue Horse, is about a young artist who loves to paint. He not only loves to paint but he loves bright and vibrant colors. He also loves to paint animals but not necessarily [...]

Those First Few Years – by Robert Genn

Those First Few Years -  by Robert Genn Yesterday, Ryan Foster of Tampa, Florida, wrote, “Between my Bachelor’s degree and my Master’s I’ve spent the last 7 years in school. Now that I’m done I feel pressure to get a job (to pay rent), but all I want to do is paint. How do I [...]

Creative Writing – Preparing Your Manuscript – by S.A. Barone

Creative Writing – Preparing Your Manuscript by S.A. Barone When you submit your manuscript for copy editing make sure it is the best piece you can write. Make sure your manuscript (ms.) is in standard form before sending it to an agent or editor. That pile of paper represents you and your work, so you [...]

Preparing to Give a Workshop – by Robert Genn

Preparing to Give a Workshop – by Robert Genn Yesterday, Fred Hulser of Houston, Texas wrote, “I recently agreed to do a small landscape/plein air workshop and I now realize I may not be prepared. While I’m more experienced than many students, I have never taught an art workshop or art class. I just read [...]

A Little Reckless

A Little Reckless by Raette Meredith Recently my husband and I went on a weekend trip. The kids stayed with Grandma and Grandpa overnight, and for the first time in over a decade my husband and I were alone. We started talking about how strange it felt to not worry about the kids as we [...]

The School of Life – by Robert Genn

The School of Life – by Robert Genn Every year about 900,000 North Americans buy brushes and paints for the first time. Every year, often after a prolonged bout of frustration, about 800,000 folks decide painting is not their thing. These figures are confirmed by the statistics of artists’ colourmen and art materials stores. Apparently, [...]

Holiday Arts Marketplace – Call to Artists

Holiday Arts Marketplace In November, we’re turning Redding’s 2nd Saturday ArtHop into one big Arts Marketplace, just in time for the holidays. Jewelry designers, sculptors, ceramic artists, wire workers, painters, photographers, doll artists … any art or fine craft person is welcome to a venue. Take advantage of art-lovers looking for unique holiday gifts! There [...]

Main Street Gallery – Our Mission Statement

The first steps we took during our successful pledge drive was to develop bylaws, policies and procedures, and a projected budget and business plan. The directors of the Main Street Gallery are committed to providing quality art and crafts and supporting the community in artistic development and awareness. Below is our mission statement, from our [...]

The Plight of the Undiscovered Artist – Robert Genn

The Plight of the Undiscovered Artist by Robert Genn Last night I met with five of the 17 million artists who currently need to sell more of their art. Two of my visitors came originally from a sales background. Two were young and disliked the subject of selling but were eager to get on with [...]