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Calling all GLEEKS – Keeping the Arts in Public Schools

Posted By: MacEwen Patterson
To: Members in Keep the Arts in Public Schools
Calling all GLEEKS

FOX launches its third season of the often hilarious and subliminally controversial High School musical show GLEE, with an overt campaign to put its money where its mouth is.

Schools have until October 10th to submit contest videos for a chance to win money to support their programs. The show is promising $1 for every Blu-Ray & DVD sold, with a commitment to contributing $1,000,000

Details are available here: http://www.gleegiveanote.com/

Tim Mikulski of Americans for the Arts recently wrote in a blog post:

"There are many Sue-like politicians out there campaigning at every level of government right now. They are dogged about their ‘ideals’ and aren’t planning to budge on them anytime soon, but that doesn’t mean advocacy doesn’t work.
And the more proactive you can be to support the arts and arts education in your school district, town, Congressional district, state, or region, the better chance we all have to keep the arts in schools."
Read the entire thing here: http://blog.artsusa.org/2011/09/21/congressional-candidate-gleefully-declares-war-on-arts/

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