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Autumn Magic: Watercolors of Kim Burditt, Maria Cargill, Terri Hazeleur, and Ann Jordan

Maria Cargill, Kim Burditt, Ann Jordan, Terri Hazeleur



The Main Street Gallery features local watercolor artists, Kim Burditt, Maria Cargill, Terri Hazeleur, and Ann Jordan in November. These close friends paint together weekly and call their group “Artists and Friends” who inspire and motivate each other, fueling their creativity. Their styles are as individualistic as they are, which vary from impressionistic to realistic. In addition, the gourd carvings of bowls and vases by local artist Rosemarie Cox will complement the show. Cox creates works of art from gourds by drilling and sanding.

Kim Burditt - watercolor

Evelyn Mercer Ward, who teaches watercolor painting in the county, has helped encourage these artists to discover their own style and direction and the joys of watercolor painting. Burditt painted in oil in early her art career using the Old Masters Techniques. Encouraged by her artist friends, she developed a love for and freedom of watercolor. Her paintings are inspired by nature, simply presented, and full of color. “I love color. I plan living my life with a ‘color-my-world’ approach, having fun painting with friends, encouraging other artists and always having a paint brush nearby to capture this beautiful world,” says Burditt.

Maria Cargill - watercolor

Cargill’s love of art began in her childhood, when she became skilled in drawing. In college, she studied fashion design and architecture and received her bachelor’s degree in architecture. She saw watercolor as a way to enhance her architectural renderings. Her talent for realistic drawing and background in architectural rendering led her to her realistic style. “I love the way water and pigment work together and the color is as brilliant as in any other medium. I see a painting in everything around me, especially in Trinity County,” states Cargill.

Terri Hazeleur - watercolor

Hazeleur’s first art class was an oil painting class taught with George Greenwood, an art instructor in Weaverville in the 70s, where she learned the Old Masters Techniques. Introduced to watercolor classes taught by Ward at Shasta College, “I was hooked,” says Hazeleur. She continues to take classes and workshops with Ward and other instructors. Her love of realism is reflected in her work, which she enhances with brilliant and skillful use of color. “My love of art is the same as my love of Trinity County,” says Hazeleur, I think if someone identifies with one of my paintings, then I’ve made a connection.”

Ann Jordan

Jordan has been interested in art all her life. She was a tole painter for 30 years; she painted on fabric, made wreaths and arranged flowers. Jordan took a watercolor class from Ward in 2006 and many watercolor workshops since. Jordan describes her style as “Cute…realistic. When I finish a painting of birds, if I can say to myself, ‘Now aren’t they cute!’ I know I’ve accomplished goal."


Main Street Gallery
490 Main Street, P.O. Box 421,
Weaverville, California 96093

 Hours:  11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday

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