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Open call to artists – The Studio Experience’s 5th Annual 20/30 show

(20 paintings in 30 days)

The Studio Experience Fine Art Gallery and Studio is accepting artist applications for the 2012
20/30 Show. Accepted artists will create 20 small works over the course of 30 days. All pieces will be tied together by a repeating subject matter or theme of the artist’s choice. The complete body when hung should present a collective theme. This show will give buyers a chance to collect multiple works from different artist.
“Starting gun” for artist to begin creating works will be April 1, 2012.

To Enter
Please include the proposed theme of your series with a 6x6 sample along with your entry form and a $25.00 entry fee (non-refundable). An additional $40.00 materials fee is due upon acceptance.

Theme examples: Objects around the house; the view from a certain window, a plant or tree; people in public places; abstract design; various color schemes; a pet; one subject matter done in the style of different artists(Picasso, Manet, etc.) Be creative!
Accepted media: Oil, acrylic, watercolor, drawings, three-dimensional/relief, mixed media, or submit your purposed media. No photography or digital artwork. No glass works to be hung on panels. All work must fit the 6x6 format.


Studio Experience will furnish each artist with 20 6x6 unprimed Masonite panels. Artists are free to prime panels, attach canvas, drawing or watercolor paper. IMPORTANT: for attached canvas or paper, please check with gallery for specific instructions. The gallery needs assurance anything other than painting on the panel directly will adhere permanently to the panel. Panels must be delivered completely dry – NO WET PAINTINGS!

All works must be for sale. Panels will be sold individually. The artist sets prices. Recommended price range: $40.00 to $100.00.

Odds and ends
Panels should be signed and numbered in the order in which they are to be displayed. Display of artworks will be at the discretion of the gallery. Hanging will be done by Studio Experience. This show is open to artists 18 and over; however, participation is based on acceptance as determined by a jury panel of gallery representatives. Normal gallery contract applies and will be provided upon acceptance. Acceptance will be based on salability, concept, and skill. We encourage creativity, but when in doubt check with Gallery first.


February 8: Application available at The Studio Experience, 3404 Ste B, Bechelli Ln., Redding 96002, 530-226-8301 or 530-221-5200 or 530-223-6049 or by mail if requested.
March 21: Last day to submit entrance form, with proposed theme, sample, and entrance fee of $25.00.
March 22: Artist will be notified if accepted or declined.
March 22-30: Panels will be available at Studio Experience Art Gallery. (Panels can be shipped at artist’s expense). Additional $40.00 material fee will be due at this time. Contracts will be available for signing.
April 1: Start painting.
May 4: Deadline for artwork to be delivered to Studio Experience Gallery, 3404 Ste B. Bechelli Ln, Redding, Ca.
May 12: Show Opens
May 12: Artists Reception during Redding Art Night. 6 to 9 pm
June 28: Show closes.
June 29 : Unsold art work to be picked up.

download prospectus and application:
Studio Experience 20-30 - 5th Annual Show

The Studio Experience
3404 Ste B, Bechelli Ln.
Redding 96002,
530-226-8301 or
530-221-5200 or
Hours 11 a.m. to 4 p.m.
Wednesday thru Friday or by appointment
2nd Saturday Art Night 6 to 9 p.m.

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