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CHILDREN AND ART Art Project to do With Young Children – Abstraction

Art Project to do With Young Children

by S.A. Barone 

This is a fun and inexpensive project to do with young children. Your children will be exposed to a new painting technique and will learn to use their own individual creativity. The instructions are easy for the child to follow and the parent will have an incredibly beautiful painting to hang for all to see. I loved doing this project with the young children as well as the older ones. It seemed like all the age groups I tried this project on had a great time with it. The young children, once they understood the concept were exceptionally creative with it. The older children could easily understand the concept and created some excellent pieces of art, realistic as well as abstract.

What you will need for this project:

Scraps of colored tissue paper torn into pieces, approximately the size of a child’s hand.
12x18 white paper
Large soft brushes
Water containers
Black Markers

Paint an area of the 12x18 white paper with water. Lay the tissue paper on the wet white paper and brush over it with water. Lay another sheet of tissue on the paper, brush with water. Continue to fill most of the 12x18 paper. Once finished laying the tissue paper on the white paper you are now ready to remove the tissue paper. The colors from the tissue paper should have bled onto the 12x18 sheet and mixed together.

Let the paper dry.

Once dry you can outline inventive shapes and patterns with a black marker. A tissue paper bleed may lend itself to be a landscape, animal, person, or just random patterns and shapes.
Once the children get the concept down, they can pick and choose their tissue colors and where they want to place them on their paper.

I have seen so many great abstracts from this exercise. The kids love it and it’s an easy project for the little ones.

Have fun and keep creating!

S. A. Barone

Shirley is a published children’s writer. She has publishing credits in Highlights for Children, Turtle, Children’s Playmate, Humpty Dumpty, and Chicken Soup for the Pre-teen Soul. Shirley has won a Distinguished Meritorious Service Award from the California School Boards Association for authoring an elective program that was adopted in schools in the Western United States and in areas of New York City. To learn more about Shirley and her art, visit www.sabarone.com

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