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Hillary Rogerson – Acting and Audition Instructor

Hillary Rogerson, Acting & Audition Instructor
instructor profile 

Hillary Rogerson has been involved in Redding’scommunity theatre for almost two decades as performer, singer, stage manager, consultant, vocal director, etc. but most of her experience has been in directing and staging.

She has had the privilege of working with and learning from several local theatre companies and programs: Shasta High School, The Dance Project, Redding City Musical Theatre Company, Westside Performing Arts Company, Kids Unlimited, Project Broadway, Shasta College, and WE Multimedia Entertainment.

In a brief time away from Redding she was a member of the Utah Lyric Opera Society. Hillary has spent time during over the last two summers attending the Broadway Theatre Teachers Workshop with Master Classes from Tony Award winning writers, directors, musicians and performers on Broadway in New York.

She is currently Drama Director and Theatre Manager at Redding School of the Arts.




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