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HOOEY HIGGINS and the SHARK – Book Review by S. A. Barone

Book Review by S. A. Barone

Most chapter books, especially beginning ones typically contain familiar and comfortable situations, including its characters. However, Hooey Higgins and the Shark is a wacky, funny and screwball comedy of events, written by Steve Voake and illustrated by Emma Dodson.

Steve Voake created fun loving characters, but a bit on the naughty side and Emma Dodson’s wacky spotty illustrations will delight any child or adult.

It seems Hooey and his friend Twig see the world’s largest chocolate egg in Mr. Danson’s bakery window. Both boys conjure up dreams of pigging out on pure delicious creamy chocolate. However the price of the egg is around $100. Of course neither boy has that kind of money but they are willing to work for it just to have that dreamy, creamy chocolate egg. Hooey and Twig decide to capture a shark that has been seen off shore in their town. Hooey’s older brother tells Hooey and Twig to go down to the shore and use ketchup as chum to attract the shark, hit it over the head with a cricket stick, put it in the bathtub and charge admission to see the shark.

In the midst of trying to catch the shark the boys somehow cause havoc in town, upsetting the entire village. The boys are chased through the local department store, and all over town, by just about everyone, including their dog.
This is a must read for the early chapter readers. Parents and young children alike would also love this book about two fun loving boys who just want some chocolate.

Happy Reading

S. A. Barone

Shirley is a published children’s writer. She has publishing credits in Highlights for Children, Turtle, Children’s Playmate, Humpty Dumpty, and Chicken Soup for the Pre-teen Soul. Shirley has won a Distinguished Meritorious Service Award from the California School Boards Association for authoring an elective program that was adopted in schools in the Western United States and in areas of New York City. To learn more about Shirley and her art, visit www.sabarone.com

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