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March 6 Watercolor class in Cottonwood

Hello Young Budding Artist,

I have a little project in watercolor and pen & ink this month. Landscape with oak tree. Techniques are bullseye wash, pen & ink, splattering and anything else we can think of...lolol. Now I will have tracing if you like. This is a simple landscape. Some of you said you wanted 11x15 or a quarter sheet and others want 8x10...will do.

2 classes: 10:00 to 1:00 and 5:30-8:30 $15.00 a class, extra for supplies.

watercolor: Permant Rose, New Gamboge, & French Ultra Marine Blue or any red, yellow & blue
permanet ink pen in black
paper towels
8x10 or 11x15 arches cold press watercolor paper
masking tape
board to attach your painting on

Let me know who will be coming young people and I will see you Tuesday.

Sandi Palmer 347-4957


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