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Questions and Answers about the new Main Street Gallery

Questions and Answers about the new Main Street Gallery


Main Street Gallery, Weaverville, CA

What is the new Main Street Gallery? Why is it “new”?

In the past, the Main Street Gallery was operated by the Trinity County Arts Council (TCAC). When funding from the state and local government dropped, TCAC could no longer support the gallery. In February 2011, a group of ten artists presented a plan to take over operation of the gallery. The gallery is now under new management by our all-volunteer Board of Directors. We are not associated with TCAC or Club CIX, though we look forward to a fruitful partnership with all art groups and art venues in the community.


What happened to Club CIX money?

The Club CIX fundraising effort raised money in 2010 to pay for rent for the gallery for one year. On July 1, TCAC paid Dick Morris, the landlord, the remaining Club CIX money.


What is your management structure?

We are a subsidiary of the nonprofit corporation Leading from Within, which sponsors workshops on creativity and leadership development. Business of the gallery is carried out by committees (for instance, the Workshop Committee hosts art workshops). Each of the ten directors chairs at least one committee. Committee chairs bring all matters to the board, and all decisions are made by majority vote. Our board officers (president, vice president, secretary, treasurer) are elected every October at our annual meeting. (See our directors’ biographies in the Documents and Records binder in the gallery.)


Are you an art cooperative?

We are not an art cooperative. We are a nonprofit business operated by the volunteer efforts of our Board of Directors. There is no gallery manager or CEO. We make decisions as a group by majority vote. In past years, the gallery had a membership requirement and took sales commissions, as does the Highland Art Center. We have reinstated these standard practices.


What are your financial resources?

We are not endowed (like the Highland Art Center), we are not funded (like TCAC), and we are not a private business (like 5 Windows Gallery). Directors receive no payment. In fact, each director pays a $400 director membership each year and devotes many hours of volunteer service to keep the gallery operating. We rely on membership dues, art sales commissions, donations, fundraising, and art workshops to keep the gallery operating. All revenues from gallery fundraising, sales commissions, or membership goes to keeping the gallery in operation. There are no paid employees. Our three-year projected budget shows that our revenue structure will allow the gallery to stay in operation long term and will have a contingency carryover each year. (See the Documents and Records binder in the gallery.)


Will you do a donations drive each year?

No; our initial pledge drive was the only donations drive we will make. Each year we will invite members to renew membership and also inquire if past donors wish to renew their donation. We will be doing several exciting fundraisers and workshops each year instead of a donations drive.


What is your mission?

Our mission has several parts. As part of a nonprofit organization, we are committed to serving the community. We do this by providing a venue to attract visitors to historic Old Town Weaverville, thereby enhancing the local economy. We also support community artists through art workshops and opportunities to show and sell their art in the gallery. Another part of our mission is to expose local artists as well as the community members to high-quality art from outside our area. This exposure inspires and educates artists and community members.


What support do you have from the community?

Our pledge drive, which we launched in March 2011, was intended to gauge support in the community for keeping the gallery in operation. We set a target goal of $15,000, which would pay gallery rent and overhead for a year. Within a month, we had reached our pledge goal. People love the gallery and feel it is a wonderful place to see art and is a crucial element in a vital downtown. During the pledge drive, we heard over and over, “I love that gallery. I am so happy you are working to keep it open.”


What are your standards?

We are committed to quality art as well as serving the community. Our Policies and Procedures (for review in the Documents and Records binder in the gallery) set out our art and crafts selection guidelines and processes. We are committed to quality art and crafts, and our aim is to display art and crafts that are beautiful, inspirational, and tasteful.


What do I need to do to show art or crafts here?

Everyone who shows in the gallery must be a member. There are two types of memberships: Supporting Member ($100/year, with 25% sales commission) and Associate Member ($40/year, with 35% sales commission). Membership is an important element of our revenues. Our shows and crafts committees invite artists and artisans to show. Artists and artisans also may apply for a show or display. In either case, the entire board votes to approve what is shown and displayed in the gallery. If you are interested in a showing or displaying your art, you may email Evelyn Ward, Chair of the Moon Lee Show Committee (jeward@shasta.com), Gay Butler, Chair of the Trinity Show Committee (butlerville@hotmail.com) or Pam Yearout, Chair of the Crafts Committee (earthdance@com-pair.net), for an artist-artisan application form.


What if I want to have a show, event, or workshop not scheduled by the gallery?

For those wishing to use the gallery for a workshop, show, or event not initiated by the board, there is a rental fee. The board establishes the rental fee and the time of use.

Main Street Gallery
490 Main Street, P.O. Box 421,
Weaverville, California 96093

Hours: 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. Tuesday through Sunday

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