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Chrome Bumpers painting workshop April 2012

Hey There Young Budding Artist,
I have a treat for you. I had a new young man join us and he left some of his work at my studio. Everyone that has seen his work, has been truly impressed. He does chrome, bumpers of car with reflection....so Adrian, if you get this email, know this was inspired by you. I have taken some great photos of Dan Spraggins classics cars he has brought over, then pumped up the color on them....so I have a wheel and hubcap with reflection for us to do. I am attaching the photo and the line drawing for you.
8x10 or 11x14 arches watercolor cold press paper or whatever you have
board to attach you paper on
masking tape
paper towels
mask- we will not be using much mask, and that's for you Laura just in case you come.
Please call 347-4957 or email me if you will be coming.
Thank you
Sandi Palmer

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