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Trish Harris – Vocal instructor – profile

Trish Harris - Vocal Instructor
instructor profile

Trish Harris - image retrieved from www.westsideperforming.com

Trish Harris is the artistic director of Westside Performing Arts and also an accomplished performer and teacher.

Trish’s background is in opera and theater, so the vocal technique taught in all classes is classically based.

During lessons students learn vocal techniques such as: proper breathing technique and support, anatomy of the voice and it’s functions, resonating and vocal placement, proper singing posture, dramatic interpretation and artistic expression.

Lessons begin with an introduction to vocal technique. Then, the student is assigned a piece of music to learn, and the vocal techniques are applied throughout the learning process. Each lesson begins with vocal warm-ups, and review of the technique the student is specifically working on.

The remainder of the lesson is spent rehearsing the students repertoire and practicing their technique. Once a student has memorized enough repertoire and mastered some basic vocal techniques, they are invited to participate in a quarterly recital.

For the more advanced vocalist, emphasis is put on perfecting vocal technique, dramatic interpretation, and artistic expression during performance.

Private lessons may be arranged by calling: Trish Harris’ Studio of Voice, 530-515-7151 or trish.harris77@gmail.com.


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