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Five Days Left to sign up for Fong Wei Liu workshop!

There are just Five Days Left to sign up for this fabulous workshop with Fongwei Liu We have 6 spaces left in this amazing workshop What a priviledge to have a modern master come to Redding, you don’t want to miss out! Bring your Acrylics or Oils, no experience necessary. You don’t have to be [...]

Talkers and doers by Robert Genn

Talkers and doers by Robert Genn When I was a poverty stricken student at Art Center School in Los Angeles I was frequently called in to see Karla Martell, the registrar. Tardy payment of fees was one of the reasons for my summoning, but more than once she spoke of my failure as a student [...]

Does creative capability decline? by Robert Genn

Does creative capability decline? by Robert Genn Last Tuesday Michael Epp of Bowen Island, BC, Canada wrote, “I was intrigued by what you see as Norman Rockwell’s decline with age. Do you think artists must inevitably suffer a waning of their powers as they grow older? I would like to think that, unlike athletes, for [...]

MUD PIE ANNIE A book review by S. A. Barone

MUD PIE ANNIE A book review by S. A. Barone Mud Pie Annie is a wonderful book written by Sue Buchanan and Dana Shafer and illustrated by Joy Allen.  It is a funny and whimsical rhyming book with a silly story and a loving message. Little Mud Pie Annie, that’s what all her friends called [...]

Look who’s buying art now – by Robert Genn

Look who’s buying art now by Robert Genn Visiting last night with one of my really wealthy friends and wandering once more among his many art acquisitions, including a few I’d not seen before, I was once more catching the drift of his habits. He insisted on telling me how much he’d paid for this [...]

Elizabeth Gilbert, author of Live, Eat, Pray gives talk about Creative Genius!

Prepare to be inspired by Elizabeth Gilbert’s talk, found on TED.com on 9/18/12

Tear and Cut Collage – Children and Art by S.A. Barone

CHILDREN AND ART – by S.A. Barone Art Project for young Children Tear & Cut Collage This was always a fun project for the children in my classes.  Even some of the older kids liked this one.  This project is a good way to show young kids a different method of creating the same idea.  [...]

Wet-into-wet – by Robert Genn

Wet-into-wet by Robert Genn You might paint wet-into-wet for several reasons. Lubrication is one of them. Just as an engine runs better with a bit of oil on its parts, so does a painting. Indeed, oil painting works its wonders because the oil medium is slippery and slow to dry and thus passages can be [...]

Upcoming Writer’s workshop! Red Bluff Art Gallery

FREE WRITERS WORKSHOP At the Red Bluff Art Gallery – Sept 21 & 22, 2012+ 11 AM – Writer’s Workshop with Susan Wooldridge. Creativity will be stressed in this exciting workshop. Exercises will be provided to stimulate creativity and to thwart “writer’s block”. Open to the public. Free. The Workshop is funded by Poets &Writers, [...]

Strategic Patience by Robert Genn

Strategic Patience by Robert Genn “Strategic patience” is popular jargon these days. It’s the strategy of letting time take care of at least part of the process. It precludes running off willy-nilly in a knee-jerk reaction–a reaction that often does more harm than good. Artists should at least consider the system.   Half-finished paintings left [...]