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November 2012 Live Jazz Scene – Northern California

November 2012 Northern California Live Jazz Scene Nov. 1st (Thursday) Allison Scull and Victor Martin @ 6:00 pm @ Woodside Grill Gaia Hotel 4125 Riverside Place Anderson, CA 96007 530-365-7077 food or drink expected Nov. 1st (Thursday) Dave Reynolds, Ardell Lutz & Larry Montgomery – jazz and more trio @ 6 – 9 p.m. @The [...]

STELLA – Book Review by S. A. Barone

STELLA Book Review by S. A. Barone  Stella is written and illustrated by Marie-Louise Gay.  This is one of many books by this author. Her sense of humor and vivid imagination is something to admire. Ms. Gay is also an outstanding artist and has won numerous awards including the Governor General’s Award. Stella is a [...]

Painter’s high by Robert Genn

Painter’s high by Robert Genn Recent studies of “runner’s high”–the well-known euphoria that kicks in when humans run or jog–seem to show an evolutionary base. Apparently humans have traditionally enjoyed running for its own sake–even when avoiding predators or going after game. Humans rate a 2.6 on what the researchers call the “endocannabinoid” (sort of [...]

Date Night Friday – at the Silver Cottage – Mosaic Pumpkins

Join us for Date Night Friday! October 26, 2012  We will be making these super fun Mosaic Pumpkins, right on time for Halloween festivities!  6pm – 9pm All ages welcome! $25/person, bring a friend and receive $5 off, or sign up for 4 classes for just $20 each class! Please call ahead so we can [...]

FONGWEI LIU – A Modern-Day Master comes to Redding for Portrait Workshop

Treat yourself to this rare opportunity to learn from a modern-day master portrait artist November 30 – December 1, 2012 The Silver Cottage 8367 Placer Road Redding, CA 96001 click on image below for registration information

No fish today? by Robert Genn

No fish today? by Robert Genn Last Friday I was pacing the studio, bumping into doors and walls, tripping on canvases, knocking over cups of pre-mixed acrylic. “What to do?” I was asking myself. In my panic I briefly impaled myself on a brush I had forgotten to wash the day before. Like my head, [...]

Baked Crayon Art – Children and Art – by S.A. Barone

CHILDREN AND ART – by S.A. Barone Art Project for young children Baked Crayon Art I’ve done many different crayon art projects with my kids and my classes; however, this one is crayon art with a twist:  instead of drawing or coloring in a book with them these wonderful colorful crayons will be baked.  Crayon [...]

Rebellious student by Robert Genn

Rebellious student by Robert Genn Yesterday, Richard Alm of Vancouver, B.C. wrote, “I recently completed 151 of the 300 11″ x 14″s you requested as part of the “Genn School of Go-To-Your-Room.” I’m getting very itchy to do some larger ones. Do you permit making larger ones from the better of your smaller ones before [...]

The happiness factor by Robert Genn

The happiness factor by Robert Genn According to the recently released UN World Happiness Report, Canada’s population is the fifth happiest in the world. Denmark, Norway, Finland and the Netherlands, in that order, are happier. The USA ranks 11th, the UK 18th. According to the report, Togo, Benin, Central African Republic and Sierra Leone had [...]

Beginning and Intermediate Watercolor workshops with Evelyn Mercer Ward

  Evelyn Mercer Ward is  holding a workshop this on Oct. 12, 2012 at Main Street Gallery, Weaverville Painting by Evelyn Mercer Ward Description: In the first meeting, Evelyn will do a brief demo of techniques and participants will practice these techniques in a class exercise. Painting assignments will be given on that topic. In [...]