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Your Inferior Shadow by Robert Genn

Your Inferior Shadow by Robert Genn I’ve spent a lifetime trying to figure out why some artists just go ahead and do things and thrive, while others don’t get much done and languish. I noticed that thriving in our game often has more to do with attitude than talent. Further, I noticed that some would-be [...]

Live music in New York

Vocalist, MARIA OTTAVIA – Performing live at the Metropolitan Room! Jazz, Cabaret Cabaret 2/17/13 4:00pm 5:00pm Metropolitan Room 34 W22nd Street New york City New York $20.00 Cover Charge moc_knock@yahoo.com 18 and above  917 754 9051 http://www.mockinbirdmusic.com To find more live music in your area, visit “Live Music Events” or add your event at “List [...]

Date Night at The Silver Cottage Friday Dec 28 5pm – 8pm

Date Night! Friday, Dec 28, 2012from 5:00 pm – 8:00pmTropical Fish Rocks! We are painting river rocks to look like colorful tropical fish! These colorful fish will add life to your garden or in a decorative bowl in the house. Break up the Holiday vacation with some creativity! Drop off the kids or join in on the 3 [...]

Try an odyssey by Robert Genn

Try an odyssey by Robert Genn Odysseus, in Homer’s Odyssey, is ten years getting back to Ithaca from the Trojan Wars. All kinds of crap and corruption take place while he’s gone, including interference with his wife Penelope. Our odysseys need not be so traumatic, and regular little ones can invigorate. I recommend three- and [...]

The death of painting by Robert Genn

The death of painting by Robert Genn Yesterday, Renate M Reuter, Founder, President and Executive Director of the Portrait and Figure Painters Society of SW Florida, Inc. wrote, “What is the future of oil painting? Are they going out of style? Are they going to be done by computers? What about the classic type of [...]

Featured Instructor: Chris Uchibori, Redding, CA

CHRIS UCHIBORI ~ MUSICIAN/EDUCATOR 40 YEARS OF SUCCESSFUL TEACHING EXPERIENCES Gem of the North State  5 TEACHER OF THE YEAR AWARDS: Pacific Grove High School, 1982 (Pacific Grove, CA) Texas State Teachers’ Merit Pay 1985 (Amarillo, TX) Vista School, 1992 (Red Bluff, CA) Tehama County Finalist 1992 (Red Bluff, CA) Jackson Heights School, 1998 (Red [...]

Open Studio Session – Friday, 12/14/12 10am-1pm

Open Studio Session Friday, 12/14/12 10am – 1pm at The Silver Cottage Join us on Friday! (okay, admittedly I need practice! That’s why we are doing workshops! Come paint with us! so.. my last one was REALLY bad.. so I just am so not proud enough to display it! Come paint with us and if [...]

Upcoming show applications! Call to Artists!

The following information was retrieved from www.ZAPPlication.org newsletter. Please visit the website for further information, and good luck!   Upcoming Deadlines – APPLY TODAY! Desert Art Festival – Presidents’ Weekend 2013 – February 16 – 18, 2013 – Palm Springs, California DEADLINE: 12/14/2012 Jury Fee: $25.00 Event Dates: 2/16/2013 – 2/18/2013 The “Original” Palm Springs [...]

Children and ART – Rock Painting – by S.A. Barone

CHILDREN and ART Art Projects for Children of All Ages Rock Painting   Artist and author, “Painting on Rocks for Kids”, says, “turning plain old rocks into art reminds her of the fairy tale, Rumpelstiltskin, where he promises a young girl to spin straw into gold.  She says it feels almost like magic to take [...]

Sincerity by Robert Genn

Sincerity by Robert Genn I knew my birthday was coming when a Facebook posting read, “I wanted to get my best wishes in before the rush.” Then on Monday the emails really got going. Some said things like “Happy Birthday, Glen,” so I knew they were close friends. A few just said “HB” as if [...]