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Audition Notice – Paradise Lost and Found Dec 30/31, 2012

written by Pat Cook
directed by Leon Compton
Sunday, Dec 30
Monday, Dec 31
6:00 pm
Riverfront Playhouse
1620 E Cypress Ave.
Redding, CA
6 women
1 girl (age 9-12) (mothers and daughters are encourage to audition together)
4 men
Mavis and the other employees of the Lost and Found department of the Paradise Bus Company are used to dealing with all kinds of strange things, from abandoned tubas to missing tiaras. However, their biggest challenge yet maybe controlling a runaway rumor that big-shot B.F. Crandall is coming to visit. As they try to keep up the ruse for their by-the-book manager, crazy misundersandings and confusion ensue. And to top it all off they must figure out the mysterious reason why a nine- year-old girl has turned up at the bus station alone. Will the answers that they're looking for turn up at the Paradise Lost and Found?
For more information, feel free to contact the director at 223-6093 or 2golfnutz@sbcglobal.net
RP will be the first community theatre to perform Pat Cook's newest comedy.
Play goes up March 16 and runs thru April 16.

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