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Potato Painting – Art Projects for Young Children – by S.A. Barone

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Art Projects for Young Children
article by S.A. Barone 

Kids love potato printing. They love creating their own designs; however, very small children

will need a parent to cut their patterns into the potatoes.

This is such a great art project for kids. It can develop into a large art project with the whole
family getting involved.

I did this same project with several children and we made a gigantic mural on butcher paper. We
attached the paper to a wall and painted a landscape first, some buildings, roads and a few cars.
Then we carved various shapes into our potatoes and we stamped them onto to our mural, some
looked like flowers, and trees and a bunch of other shapes. It was a great piece of art work.

One thing fun about Potato Printing is you can create cards, Valentines, wrapping paper,
decorate your book covers, the list is endless.


Large sheets of white paper, preferably 12” x 18”
Some large potatoes
Small metal cookie cutters, different shapes, animals, etc.
Craft knife plus a normal kitchen knife
Sponge, cloth or roller
Acrylic paint

1. Cut a large potato in half, not long way. Push a cookie cutter into the center of the
potato. Leaving the cookie cutter in the potato, slice around the pattern of the cookie
cutter. Remove the outer layer of the potato and then the cookie cutter from the shape.
Clean up any edges with the craft knife or kitchen knife, if needed.
2. Apply paint to the potato pattern. You can brush on the color, roll it on or sponge it on.
3. Use a separate potato for each color unless you want to mix your colors
4. Use a scrap piece of paper to test your potato, or to remove any excess paint. After a few
test prints you will know how hard to press and how much paint to use.

Have fun and keep creating!

Shirley is a published children’s writer. She has publishing credits in Highlights for Children, Turtle, Children’s Playmate, Humpty Dumpty, and Chicken Soup for the Pre-teen Soul. Shirley has won a Distinguished Meritorious Service Award from the California School Boards Association for authoring an elective program that was adopted in schools in the Western United States and in areas of New York City. To learn more about Shirley and her art, visit www.sabarone.com

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