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Lucky Ducklings – Children’s book review by S.A. Barone

Lucky Ducklings image retrieved from Amazon.com on 02/18/13

by Eva Moore and illustrated by Nancy Carpenter 

Children's book review by S.A. Barone

Lucky Ducklings is based loosely on the true story in 2000 that had a mother duck leading her little ducklings through city traffic with the assistance of the city policemen stopping traffic for the mother and her offsprings.

Lucky Ducklings is about a mother duck who is taking her little ones for a walk through the park into a nearby town.  As she passes over a storm grate she calls out to her little ducklings, “Pippin, Bippin, Tippin, Dippin and Little Joe, are you all following close behind each other?’

However, the ducklings do not answer their mother.   Each duckling one by one falls through a grate and into the sewer.  Of course Mother Duck yells for help and three firefighters and a bystander with a pickup truck and cable work together to remove the grate and rescue the ducklings.

Eva Moores expert use of pattern and repetition will make this book a good choice for reading aloud.  Nancy Carpenter’s unique multimedia approach of the illustrations totally capture the expressions of each of the little ducklings as they look up into the worried faces looking down at them through the grate.

Another great book for the young child!

 Happy Reading!

 Book review by S. A. Barone

Shirley is a published children’s writer. She has publishing credits in Highlights for Children, Turtle, Children’s Playmate, Humpty Dumpty, and Chicken Soup for the Pre-teen Soul. Shirley has won a Distinguished Meritorious Service Award from the California School Boards Association for authoring an elective program that was adopted in schools in the Western United States and in areas of New York City. To learn more about Shirley and her art, visit www.sabarone.com

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