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My Language Lounge – Online language lessons

(the following information was retrieved from www.mylanguagelounge.com on 4/30/2013)

For more information and to find out how to sign up, visit www.mylanguagelounge.com!

MyLanguageLounge is an online school that offers one on one, two on one, and small group online language lessons.

The advantages of learning a language online are many: first of all, results. Learning online you will find yourself able to concentrate more on the lesson. During your class you will talk, listen, read and write with your tutor. Hearing the live voice of a native speaker through your headset will make a huge difference. No more interference of classmates or external noises to interrupt your class. The chat board will be used by the tutor to type new words, questions, and sentences to accompany the words that are spoken.

Lessons are $25 per hour and discounts are available if purchased more than one at a time.

My Language Lounge specializes in a wide array of International languages. We teach each language with precision, fluency, and will help you learn your desired language within time and budget. From English and French, to Italian and German, we offer a vast repertoire of selections for you to choose from. Our goal is to assist you in mastering your new language within a fun and exciting venue! We are proud to present the following:

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