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Design By Humans T Shirt Contests – ongoing for artists

Design By Humans
The following was retrieved from the Design By Humans website on 5/3/13 - It's a great opportunity for artists and great for the world! 

Go to www.designbyhumans.com to learn more and enter!


Welcome to Design By Humans T Shirt Contests

We feature a variety of different contests from the Shirt of the Day competition to specialty contests. There is a new winner everyday and every few months there are specialty contests like the Dark Knight Rises, 8-bit, or the Wacom Tournament. The t shirt contests are open to everyone across the world. The winner of the daily contests wins $1000 and free t shirts and special contests often have prizes worth over $3000. Enter a t shirt contest, gain votes, and win thousands in prize money. Login to submit a design, and read more about our t shirt design contests.

The requirements for each submission include:

  1. Register an account with Design By Humans
  2. Create a name for your t shirt design
  3. Enter in a short description about the design
  4. A 320 x 240 thumbnail of the design for users to vote on
  5. A 640 x 480 sample of the artwork
  6. A 640 x 480 t shirt mockup
  7. Preferred shirt color
  8. Read and accept the terms and conditions.
  9. Join the community and let the voting begin

Once the submission is accepted the design will be available for voting for 90 days. Our community helps select the winners, so rack up those votes. Good luck and welcome to the Design By Humans community.


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