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Glacier Metal Arts – May Newsletter and Class Schedule

The following information was retrieved from the May 2013 Glacer Metal Arts Studio
Newsletter. For more information on any of the fabulous classes or instruction listed below, please visit www.glaciermetalarts.com or contact GMAS directly at:

Glacier Metal Arts Studio
860 North Meridian Suite B3
Kalispell, Montana 59901

May finds us halfway through Wayne Hammer's Forming Workshop and it is a thrill to see the students' flat pieces of metal take on shape and dimension through the use of the most basic low-tech tools. In an ironic twist, our student from Hamilton could not make it to Kalispell for the second session but was able to watch and listen over space-age Skype. When we tried to share the workshop snacks with her, however, we sadly realized that, as amazing as it is, technology still has a ways to go...

The April Roundtable had so much energy and a true sense of community as faces both familiar and new networked, shared books, helped troubleshoot construction issues, looked at an amazing sample of laser engraving and talked jewelry. Erin suggested everyone bring the very first piece of jewelry you made to the May Roundtable, so start digging around to find yours! By the way, I think she was referring to that first piece in metal, not the strung macaroni necklace you gave Mom when you were 4, although that might be fun, too, if no one has eaten it by now. We will be meeting Thursday May 23 at 6PM and go as long as we need into the evening.

With art show season now upon us, many of you may have realized the need for professional-quality photographs of your work, either to get into a show, to build a portfolio, or to enhance the appearance of your booth. (Think of the impact of very large images that show the details of your very small pieces!) I am happy to announce photographer/graphic designer Wendy Orr will be back in town around the middle of this month and is going to be available to photograph jewelry. Her images are clear and crisp, with no "hot spots" or visual distractions. If you are not familiar with her work, visit www.karenchesna.com to see what an excellent job she does. Because of her hectic schedule we have decided that those interested will drop off their clean, camera-ready pieces along with 2 copies of an inventory sheet at GMAS. Wendy will photograph the work and after she is finished we will call to arrange pick-up of jewelry and photo CD's. This arrangement will allow her to offer a discount off her usual rates with no minimum quantity. Prices will be $20 per piece of jewelry photographed, and that would include full, detail and back sides if applicable. Call Karen at 406.212.1314 if you have any questions or to arrange drop off of your work.

New this month, GMAS will be offering a class on writing an artist statement, and a 4 session cloisonne workshop. Also, Charlie Mattison continues to teach his semi-private cabochon cutting lessons at the studio. Seeing those dull lumpy rocks turn into luminous little gems makes me believe magic is real, or at least that you CAN turn a sow's ear into a silk purse. Please see below for details on these and other classes, or call 406. 212.1314 to register for a class.

Please note that the monthly calendar format has changed! To view the monthly calendar, click on the lively red button at the end of the newsletter, located in the space where the calendar has always been. This will open up a PDF version that can be easily printed out for your convenience. Also, watch your email for news about our newly rebuilt website..

I wish a very warm welcome to those new to Glacier Metal Arts Studio, and a heartfelt thank you to those who continue to support this endeavor! May you all have happy and productive time in the studio!

New Classes download and print the class schedule here!

Writing an Artist Statement (2 hours, all levels)
An artist statement is often required for entry into shows, or to get a grant or residency. It is also an important part of a professional portfolio, helping curators, the press and the general public to better understand your work, Class participants will first meet as a group to learn the basics of writing an artist statement and look at and discuss each others' pieces. Taking the information gleaned from this session, they will complete a homework assignment to write a draft statement, followed by a one on one half-hour session with the instructor to edit and revise. Additional time, if needed, can be arranged at the instructor's standard rate of $40/hour. Please bring a representative selection of your work to class, approximately 5-10 pieces.
Class Fee: $40
Date and Time: Group session meets Wednesday May 8, 1-2:30 OR Thursday May 30, 6:30-8. One on one time by arrangement.

Cloisonne (12 hours over 4 sessions, Intermediate level)
Cloisonne is an ancient enameling technique with the earliest discovered examples dating back to the 12th century B.C. In this technique color and line work together: thin wires are arranged in a design on a metal surface, forming cells that are then filled with enamel powder and fired. This class will teach participants how to choose their metals, shape and anchor wires, test enamels for layering, do basic shading, and fire, finish and mount a small piece.
Class Fee: $125 Includes enamels and use of kiln and surface-finishing materials.
Date and Time: Wednesdays May 29-June 19 1:30-4:30

Artists' Roundtable
For those artists who need some feedback on their work, or just want to come and talk about art and art-making, Glacier Metal Arts Studio will hold its monthly no-fee Artists' Roundtable on Thursday, May 23. Network with other metalsmiths and share in some good conversation. We will begin at 6PM and go as long as we need into the evening. This month, remember to bring your first piece of jewelry/metalwork for all to see and admire!

Gift Certificates
Give something a little different for Mothers Day, Fathers Day, weddings or graduation- the opportunity to learn a new skill! Our stylish Glacier Metal Arts Studio gift certificates are available in any dollar amount and can be applied to current or future classes. Call (406)212-1314 to order.

The May Calendar is up!

Take a look below at the class descriptions, dates and fees and see what days you are available to join us.

To register for a class:
Please call us at (406) 212-1314.
We can take your credit card information and register you over the phone, or make arrangements for you to come to the Studio to pay by cash, check or credit card, or to mail your payment to us. Your payment in full holds your place in the class.

Cancellation Policy:
If you have signed up and paid for a class but cannot attend, please let us know at least one week (7 days) prior to the class date and we will issue you a credit voucher for that class fee amount which you can apply toward another class. If you cancel 2-6 days before the start of the class AND we can fill your slot, we will issue you a voucher for 50% of the class fee amount which you can apply towards another class. Full cash refunds will be made only if a class is cancelled.

What to Wear/What to Bring
A metals studio is an industrial environment, so please dress appropriately- comfortable old clothes, closed-toe shoes, and something to tie back long hair. Shop tools and safety glasses are available for studio use, but you are welcome to bring any favorite metalsmithing tools you already own. It is nice to have your own safety glasses; Norco (on LaSalle near Reserve in Kalispell) sells "cheater" safety glasses if you need the extra assist. N95 particle masks are available for purchase at the studio if needed.
Class Descriptions, Dates and Fees
download and print the class schedule here! 

SEMI-PRIVATE CAB CUTTING CLASS Instructor: Charlie Mattison
Learn how to cut your pet rock into a unique, beautiful cab to use in creating your own jewelry! In this semi-private hands-on class, participants will work closely with their expert instructor to learn the skills necessary to cut and polish free forms and calibrated cabochons. Most students come away with several projects' worth of cabs.
Four two-hour lessons, limited to two people per class.
Class Fee: $235.00 All cutting materials and use of equipment included.
Date and Time: By appointment- call 406.212.1314 to schedule a time that works for you!

Tube/Bridge Setting (Intermediate) (3.5 hours)
Learn how to incorporate faceted stones into your jewelry with these clean, modern setting techniques. Following a demonstration and discussion of burs, tube sizes, and bridge construction, students will create a small silver pendant/charm with a tube-set stone. A basic knowledge of soldering is a prerequisite for this class.
Class Fee: $75 (Includes silver and stone for one pendant/charm)
Date and Time: Saturday May 11 9:30-1


Bezel Setting (Intermediate) (3.5 hours)
A bezel is a simple, clean-looking setting that can be used to hold a stone, flat-backed found object, enamel, button, piece of wood or more. Learn how to choose bezel strip, size the length, solder effectively, set a cabochon-cut stone and troubleshoot. Students will make either a silver pendant with a bail or a simple silver ring. Basic soldering knowledge is required.

Class fee: $50 plus materials (silver and stone). Students may choose from our selection of cabochons or bring in their own materials and use them if the instructor deems them suitable for this project/skill level.
Date and Time: Thursday May 2 12:30- 4

Keum Boo (Intermediate) (3.5 Hours)
Keum Boo is an ancient Korean technique that bonds a thin layer of high Karat gold foil to a silver base. By varying the thickness of the layers and applying a patina, beautifully rich surfaces can be created. In this class you will use a torch to depletion guild your silver, then learn to apply the foil as you fabricate a pendant or pair of earrings. A basic knowledge of metalsmithing is required to take this class.
Class fee: $45, plus cost of silver sheet and gold foil. Allow approximately $35-$60 for your metals, depending on the project size.
Dates and Times: Tuesday May 28, 2-5

Etching (Beginner, Intermediate) (4 Hours)
Produce an image or a raised design on your copper or silver by chemically removing select areas of metal. This sheet can then be formed, soldered, enameled, etc. We will learn about and use mordants and resists as we create components suitable for almost any jewelry application. Chemical safety, image selection, resist application and sources for supplies will be discussed. Note: Please bring a pair of safety glasses and wear old clothes to class.
Class Fee: $55 (includes copper, chemicals, special resist paper with images)
Dates and Times: Thursday May 14 1-5 OR 6-10

Basic Metalsmithing I (Beginner Level) (7 Hours)
In 6 hours you will learn the metalsmithing fundamentals- how to transfer a pattern, saw, pierce, file, sand, texture and polish- as well as how to cut and dome a disc. Practice your new skills as you make a pendant or pair of earrings.
Class fee: $95- includes copper, brass, wire and sawblades. Silver (optional) is available for an additional charge.
Dates and Times: Saturday May 25, 9:30-5:30


Soldering (Beginner, Intermediate) (6 Hours)
Are you a beginner who wants to learn to solder but are afraid to try it on your own? Have you learned the process but still find it difficult/frustrating to get your metal pieces to hold together or, worse, constantly melt them? Are you confused by the different torch types discussed in the jewelry books and magazines? This class will walk you through the entire process- techniques, equipment, safety and soldering science- as you perform a series of exercises designed to present you with typical soldering situations, including a hollow form that can be worn as a pendant. Learn solder placement, metal support, heat control, resists, and tricks to make the process fun! Class size limited to 4 per session.

Class fee: $75- includes solder, flux, copper and brass. Silver (optional) is available for an additional charge.
Dates and Times: Tuesday May 7 10-5

Spinner Rings
(Beginner, Intermediate) (3.5 Hours)
Some people may call them "twiddle" rings, others call them meditation rings. Whatever the name, these are fun to make and wear! Learn to size, measure and construct this surprisingly comfortable ring.
Class fee: $45- includes copper. Silver is available for an additional charge.
Dates and Times: Thursday May 9, 6-9:30

Enameling Basics 1 (Beginner) (5 Hours)
Colorful, quick, simple enough to satisfy a beginner and complex enough to engage a serious artisan for a lifetime, enameling has been a part of human culture for thousands of years. Walk with history as you learn to lay down color on metal. This class, the first in a series, will cover safety, metal choices and preparation, dry sifting, lumps and threads, and sgraffito as we kiln and torch-fire our pieces. Class samples make great pendants and earrings!

Class fee: $65- includes copper and enamels.
Date and Time: Friday May 24 12-5

Open Studio (All Levels)
Complete unfinished projects, practice your new skills, have access to a bench or specialized piece of equipment you have used before, or just enjoy creating in the company of other metalsmiths. GMAS will periodically offer designated days where people who have taken our classes can come in and use the studio space and equipment on a first-come/space available basis. Please note that although the studio will be monitored, this is not instructional time so questions should be kept to a minimum.
Fee: $10/hour or $30/day
Dates and Times: See printed calendar below.

Mentored Independent Study (All Levels)
To assist those who are working on projects that may be at the edge of their skill level, GMAS is forming small (4-person maximum) supervised study groups. With the guidance of their instructor, members can plan their individual projects, get technical advice, troubleshoot and work, knowing help is at hand. The group environment offers opportunities to see different demonstrations and to discuss a wide variety of metalsmithing situations- we always learn from others’ challenges! Students are expected to have basic metalsmithing and soldering skills and should bring their own project materials. Groups meet one 3-hour day per week over the course of 4 weeks. Please call (406) 212-1314 for more information or to sign up for a study group.
Fee: $135
Dates and Times: By arrangement

Private Lessons
Private lessons are available with Karen by appointment for $40/hour. She can also assist you with assembling a portfolio or writing an artist statement, resume, and artist biography, Please call (406) 212-1314 for more information or to schedule a lesson or appointment..

download and print the class schedule here!

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