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IT’S MONDAY, MRS. JOLLY BONES! – Book Review by S.A. Barone

Written by Warren Hanson
Illustrated by Tricia Tusa

book review by S.A. Barone

I love this book.  It’s a fun book to read to small children, some older ones like it as well.  Mrs. Jolly Bones lives in a city apartment.  Monday is laundry day, Tuesday is for gardening.  Wednesday is cleaning day, and so on through the week.  Mrs. Jolly Bones tackles each job with gusto with her animals pitching in to help her.

After washing and drying the laundry, Mrs. Jolly Bones irons and folds the clothes nice and neat, then she flings them out the window…so they can brighten up the street!

The animals, a cow, a pig, a goat, and some other farm animals in a city apartment?  They aren’t mentioned in the text but they fit right into the pictures’ merry chaos.

Mrs. Jolly Bones saves the weekend for playing and resting…also known as wrestling and yodeling until midnight with a chicken in her lap. Mrs. Jolly Bones lives up to her name; her irreverent approach to chores is one kids will enthusiastically endorse.

The author, Warren Hanson’s. bold rhyming text expertly delivers each day’s punch line with humor and excitement.  Illustrator Tricia Tusa serves up her illustrations with joyful watercolors and inks that help to set the pace and bring the story’s infectious silliness to a whole new level.

This is a book that should definitely be in your child’s library.


Happy Reading,

Book Review by S. A. Barone

Shirley is a published children’s writer. She has publishing credits in Highlights for Children, Turtle, Children’s Playmate, Humpty Dumpty, and Chicken Soup for the Pre-teen Soul. Shirley has won a Distinguished Meritorious Service Award from the California School Boards Association for authoring an elective program that was adopted in schools in the Western United States and in areas of New York City. To learn more about Shirley and her art, visit www.sabarone.com

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