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Sandy Obester – Featured Artist for Main Street Gallery May 2014

Sandy Obester is the featured artist for the Main Street Gallery’s May show. Her recent acrylic paintings are predominantly abstract with lush texture and translucent layers of color. The “Lobster Dock”, a five-foot by five-foot acrylic departs slightly from the pure abstract into semi realism; however, the brushwork and spark of texture is related to [...]

Chuck Prudhomme, Featured Artist – Main Street Gallery, Weaverville, CA April 2014

Weaverville, California, March 28, 2014 – Chuck Prudhomme, an award-winning Plein Air, self-taught fine arts oil painter, returns to the Main Street Gallery in April. An extensive traveler, he paints on location around the country capturing the essence and spirit of the scene. His painting style is a loose, quick impressionistic style, rather than photographic [...]