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Art Classes in Cottonwood – stamping, collage, watercolor with Sandi Palmer, October 7

Hey There Young Budding Artist,


October 7th is the first Tuesday of the month and I have a fun project for you. My student Dorothy Lee, whom I love like crazy, painted this piece, so I stole the idea  being as though I came up with it...lolol... A fun project. A little bit of collage, watercolor, stamping on a gessoed quarter sheet of watercolor paper. You can do any flower you want.

Dorothy Lee

Dorothy Lee


1 quarter sheet of watercolor paper, gessoed on both sides.
watercolor pencil, just in case
stamps, I have it if you don't
permanent stamp ink, I have it if you don't
decorative tissue paper, I have it if you don't
paper towels
water container
Cost: $20
Where: 19295 Luna Rosa, Cottonwood
When: 10-1 & 5:30-8:30

Please call if you have any questions or want to sign up!

Sandi Palmer


See you next week

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