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Tues, Nov 4, 2014 Workshop Alcohol Ink – Black Paint

Hello Young Budding Artist,

We had the best weekend. Thank you Denise for a fantastic fun workshop.

November 4th, my 47th anniversary to my gorgeous totally hunk of male flesh, is the first Tuesday of the month. And it's mini workshop day. Alcohol inks with black acrylic paint on tiles. Thank you Alta for getting the tiles for me.


Alcohol: You can get them at Joanne's. The most inks popular trio is Stream, Wild Plum and Butterscotch. or you can get any trio colors you like. They are $9.95 for 3.

Cheap synthetic brushes, rounds, flats

91% rubbing alcohol

cheap plastic palette with wells

I have the tiles, $1 a piece for 6x8's or you can bring yupo paper or your own tiles

Tulip fabric paint in black. You can get that at Walmart.

OK, I think I have thought of everything. Let's have fun

When: Tuesday, November 4th
Time: 2 classes: 10-1 and 5:30-8:30
Cost: $20
Where: 19295 Luna Rosa, Cottonwood, CA


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